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Get more excited about your magical honeymoon

Design a magical honeymoon

Do you find yourself daydreaming? What do you day dream about?

I want to be a princess for my wedding and a queen for my honeymoon! I want the entire fairy-tale…we want a magical honeymoon and the one I dreamed about since he put the ring on it!

We want the whole enchilada!

Magical HoneymoonThis is the conversation that I recently had with Claire. Does this sound like you?

Are you finding that the planning of your dream honeymoon is not as easy as it looks and may take far more time than they imagined?

Yup…I know!

I just spoke with a bride who is planning a destination wedding and she was in tears on the phone. Another bride called about planning the honeymoon her fiancé and her have dreamed about for some time and said she was exhausted, there was too much to sift through. Let’s face it your dream honeymoon is called a dream for a reason!

If you’re looking to design your fairy-tale, a luxury honeymoon that is magical, then you may be a little overwhelmed on where to start and how to create everything that you dreamed about.  You may also find that because of the mountain of information that is available to you, you may have to invest a lot of time (time you don’t have) to zero in on what you want.

Additionally,  it does require some knowledge on how to plan, what to look for, how to get the best value, add-on amenities at no extra cost…and the list goes on and on.

Would you like to be able to create memories that will last a lifetime, without having to personally manage every single detail of your experience?

Luxury Honeymoon PlanningMany brides get excited to plan their honeymoon, because they want to create a customized experience that they and their fiancé will love. But… then they are unprepared with  how many details are involved…

The guest list… the flowers… the DJ… the venue… there are so many things to take care of that it can take months of careful planning, and that doesn’t even include the honeymoon! There is so much information on the internet. It can be very overwhelming!

And, if you DO hire a wedding or honeymoon planner, most of them will deliver a “cookie-cutter” experience, not the customized fairy tale that you’re envisioning.

At White Sand Travel, we specialize in providing customized luxury destination weddings and honeymoons that are crafted specifically to match your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

We manage absolutely everything… from the minute that you fill out our personal assessment toolkit, to the moment that you get back from your honeymoon in paradise. You won’t have to lift a finger to create romantic memories that will last a lifetime!

I can’t wait to learn more about you and your fiancé.

Call us at 770.469.7370 to set up a complimentary no-obligation call so you can learn more about how to take your experience to another level.

P.S. Is your honeymoon already planned? Want to make sure that it will be as incredible as you imagine? Click here to schedule a call with us and get our professional opinion!

We’ll assess your honeymoon plans, and provide suggestions to make your first trip as a married couple go as smoothly as possible, FREE.


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