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Save more money with amazing all-inclusive resorts

I started vacationing at all-inclusive resorts before it became popular

Couple Enjoy an All-Inclusive HoneymoonI vacationed at Couples Tower Isle which was the first ever all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. I was overjoyed. Today, as much as I like variety, I am constantly drawn to the all-inclusive experience and openly recommend them. Hands down, they provide incredible value and an amazing experience for guests. While I am goo-goo over them, not everyone shares my views.

Those who have the most negative things to say about all expense paid honeymoon travel are often those who have never experienced all-expense paid honeymoon resorts. We are here to put those rumors to rest by bringing you the Top Five Lies about All Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts.

  1.  All Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts Are Too Expensive!

This is something we hear all the time from those who have not considered what all is included with many all-inclusive resort resorts. Sandals resorts has a slogan that “the closer you look, the better we look” and for good reason!  You may be under the (false) assumption that the costs associated with choosing an all-inclusive honeymoon will greatly outweigh the cost of their DIY approach, but that simply is not the case. The only reason that all-inclusive Sandals All Inclusive Resortresort packages appear to be more expensive is because you see all the costs of your honeymoon up front. Everything you might need, except for some specialized spa treatments or specific activities, is paid for before you even pack your bags. Travelers who add up their receipts after the fact usually find that they would have saved money if they had selected an all-inclusive option.

  1. All Inclusive Resorts Lack Food Variety – “I Don’t Want to Eat the Same Thing Each Day”

Foodies and picky eaters often voice concerns that an all-inclusive resort wouldn’t offer the level of variety that they prefer when it comes to fine dining experiences. You also may believe this and may sacrifice the comfort and luxury of an all-expenses paid honeymoon. Sandals resorts offer gourmet ‘Discovery Dining’ which is designed to let you savor the flavors of the world!  There are also specialty restaurants which offer steak or seafood dishes exclusively so that travelers are always guaranteed to have a delicious option, no matter what they’re craving! Check to see what offerings are available at the resorts you are considering making sure you get the best dining options.

3. All Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts Are Boring – “Do You Want To Spend Each Day Lounging By A Pool?”

Honeymoon choices are unique. If all you require to be happy is your new spouse and a body of water, then many all-inclusive resorts will have you covered simply by nature of their location. If you require more adventure in your trip, then many all-expense paid honeymoon resort packages meet your needs without any additional expense.

Sandals resorts at many locations offer motorized water-sports and scuba diving for guests in addition to the chic gatherings, themed events, exciting shows, and beach or bonfire parties which are thrown on a nightly basis. If you want to be pampered indoors can add spa treatments or packages to their stay. If you are considering an all-inclusive resort package for your honeymoon, ask about activities prior to finalizing your booking details.

4. All Inclusive Resorts Have Too Many Children – How Can I Relax? How Is That Romantic?

All-Inclusive HoneymoonOften would-be travelers confuse the differences between all-inclusive travel and all-inclusive honeymoon travel. There are a variety of family friendly resorts to choose from if you and your new spouse want to book an all-inclusive honeymoon and use the opportunity to bond with the kids, but if not Sandals Resorts and many others are adult only specifically to cater to those who would prefer to spend their honeymoon in a romantic location which is designed specifically to help couples in love to relax. The goal of all-inclusive honeymoon packages is to give you the experience you want. If you’d like to leave the kids at home (or would prefer that other travelers do if you don’t have kids of your own!), then say the word and your travel agent should be able to make sure your accommodation is perfect for your needs.

5. There Is No Benefit to Booking an All-Inclusive Honeymoon

Those who believe this far-reaching lie are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, which is the big picture we’d like to drive home with this post. After months of stressful wedding planning, do you really want to spend your honeymoon keeping tabs on your expenses and your budget on your brain? If you want just one reason why all-inclusive honeymoons are worth it, it is for peace of mind! Each time you reach for your wallet while on your honeymoon you lose the feeling of relaxation and the air of romance is lost, even if only for a moment. Budgeting pops back to the forefront of your mind and at least temporarily overtakes control of the moment, which is a crime on your honeymoon – one of the most important trips you can take as a married couple.

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