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Learn how to avoid foreign transaction fees

By White Sand Travel | March 16, 2018

One question I get all the time: Do I have to pay Foreign Transaction Fees Are you thinking of or traveling abroad and have some concerns about foreign transaction fees? Maybe you should be. It can run you quite a little bundle. One of my clients insisted on a specific hotel and room type and […]

Learn more about the secrets of a romance travel expert

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

White Sand Travel makes your romance travel easy-peezy… After the wedding, you need to keep the fire burning…if you know what I mean! And nothing says “I love you” more than romance travel. One thing I hear all the time is how much time it takes to research a trip. And, I totally agree…I do […]

Truths about a destination wedding that will excite you

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

A Destination Wedding would have been our choice He had a local wedding but then again, he didn’t know the truth about a destination wedding. To this day, he said he he wish he knew more so he could have made a better choice. Many couples are feeling the same way. But what kind of […]

Get excited with these amazing romantic holiday tips

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

My entire marriage consisted of an annual romantic holiday Planning your dream romantic holiday, whether it’s for a milestone anniversary or even glamorous destination wedding is a task worthy of your undivided attention and a considerable amount of knowledge about what kind of experience you are looking for. It is more than looking at images […]

What you need to know about honeymoons

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

Back then, I didn’t know about honeymoons You may have read my story about my “underwhelming honeymoon…YIKES! I didn’t really have the 411 about honeymoons or what to expect and I boy did I learn in a hurry! Yea, I hate to admit it but I was so caught up in the wedding planning that […]

Honeymoon places that will add more romance for you

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

Honeymoon places that will add spice to your special vacation I would bet that it is your dream to have a flawlessly planned wedding. Equally important is the design of your honeymoon. With thousands of honeymoon places to choose from, it is often a bit of a stressful exercise for the non-professional honeymoon designer.  Where […]

Destination wedding tips that will make you more creative

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

Do you have these Destination Wedding tips in your arsenal? A destination wedding is when you choose to have your nuptials at least 100 miles from where you currently live. Although there are many perks to choosing a symbolic, exotic location, you may be worried about whether you can actually pull off a long-distance wedding.  As […]

Get an award-winning Mexico vacation

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

How do you experience an award winning Mexico vacation? Just today I mentioned to a friend/client that I could design an incredible Mexico vacation for her. She was unimpressed by my recommendation. Have you ever heard “you win some and you lose some?”  I have. But when it comes on to my vacation, I want […]

How to get more excited with a Jamaica vacation

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

You can have a time of your life with a Jamaica vacation If I was on a Jamaica vacation right now, my first words to you would be “everything Irie? This is the Jamaican way of asking if everything is ok! The truth is, this is an amazing beautiful island. However, you may be concerned […]

A honeymoon in Anguilla is guaranteed to excite you

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

Have you been thinking of a honeymoon in Anguilla? The dream of  a honeymoon in Anguilla with it’s unsurpassed beauty and charm has stolen your heart. It’s no wonder! This island is a gem with a name that is derived from the word for ‘eel’ because of its eel-like shape. Situated in the northern Caribbean, […]