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Do you know your unique honeymoon sweet spot?

By White Sand Travel | November 4, 2018

I haven’t posted in a while, but I am always thinking about what makes one couple choose a destination or resort over the other. What is your honeymoon sweet spot? Because, as you know, no two honeymoons are the same! I got a little side-tracked with my postings but for a great reason…I’m designing three […]

Learn how to get the most from honeymoon planning

By White Sand Travel | June 18, 2018

How important is expert honeymoon planning to you? My approach to honeymoon planning is serious, it’s what I am passionate about and I want it to be as flawless as possible. Which is why I am always slightly confused when I get an email like this: “We need assistance  making plans for our honeymoon…” I sent […]

Discover how to get more with river cruising

By White Sand Travel | April 23, 2018

It took me a while to embrace “river cruising.” How about you? I went to my annual travel workshop and once again, I couldn’t deny the appeal of river cruising. I was glued to my chair and feverishly taking notes and pics on my cell phone. I kept thinking…I’ve got to go on one of […]

Learn how to avoid foreign transaction fees

By White Sand Travel | March 16, 2018

One question I get all the time: Do I have to pay Foreign Transaction Fees Are you thinking of or traveling abroad and have some concerns about foreign transaction fees? Maybe you should be. It can run you quite a little bundle. One of my clients insisted on a specific hotel and room type and […]

Learn more about the secrets of a romance travel expert

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

White Sand Travel makes your romance travel easy-peezy… After the wedding, you need to keep the fire burning…if you know what I mean! And nothing says “I love you” more than romance travel. One thing I hear all the time is how much time it takes to research a trip. And, I totally agree…I do […]

Truths about a destination wedding that will excite you

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

A Destination Wedding would have been our choice He had a local wedding but then again, he didn’t know the truth about a destination wedding. To this day, he said he he wish he knew more so he could have made a better choice. Many couples are feeling the same way. But what kind of […]

Get excited with these amazing romantic holiday tips

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

My entire marriage consisted of an annual romantic holiday Planning your dream romantic holiday, whether it’s for a milestone anniversary or even glamorous destination wedding is a task worthy of your undivided attention and a considerable amount of knowledge about what kind of experience you are looking for. It is more than looking at images […]

What you need to know about honeymoons

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

Back then, I didn’t know about honeymoons You may have read my story about my “underwhelming honeymoon…YIKES! I didn’t really have the 411 about honeymoons or what to expect and I boy did I learn in a hurry! Yea, I hate to admit it but I was so caught up in the wedding planning that […]

Honeymoon places that will add more romance for you

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

Honeymoon places that will add spice to your special vacation I would bet that it is your dream to have a flawlessly planned wedding. Equally important is the design of your honeymoon. With thousands of honeymoon places to choose from, it is often a bit of a stressful exercise for the non-professional honeymoon designer.  Where […]

Destination wedding tips that will make you more creative

By White Sand Travel | March 14, 2018

Do you have these Destination Wedding tips in your arsenal? A destination wedding is when you choose to have your nuptials at least 100 miles from where you currently live. Although there are many perks to choosing a symbolic, exotic location, you may be worried about whether you can actually pull off a long-distance wedding.  As […]