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Get an award-winning Mexico vacation

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

How do you experience an award winning Mexico vacation? Just today I mentioned to a friend/client that I could design an incredible Mexico vacation for her. She was unimpressed by my recommendation. Have you ever heard “you win some and you lose some?”  I have. But when it comes on to my vacation, I want […]

How to get more excited with a Jamaica vacation

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

You can have a time of your life with a Jamaica vacation If I was on a Jamaica vacation right now, my first words to you would be “everything Irie? This is the Jamaican way of asking if everything is ok! The truth is, this is an amazing beautiful island. However, you may be concerned […]

A honeymoon in Anguilla is guaranteed to excite you

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

Have you been thinking of a honeymoon in Anguilla? The dream of  a honeymoon in Anguilla with it’s unsurpassed beauty and charm has stolen your heart. It’s no wonder! This island is a gem with a name that is derived from the word for ‘eel’ because of its eel-like shape. Situated in the northern Caribbean, […]

Honeymoon planning tips that get you more excited

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

Use these honeymoon planning tips to get your dream experience I get to help you create magical dreams for your honeymoon and have those honeymoon fantasies unfold before your eyes during your stay.  A day in my life is typically one where I have the pleasure to speak with you about your honeymoon dreams.  My […]

A beach wedding will make you get super excited

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

If I got married again, I would want a beach wedding… As a part of my on-going education as a Certified Destination Wedding Planner, I am required to visit resorts and learn about their destination and beach wedding offerings. During my visit, I couldn’t help but gasp in delight at every single wedding I witnessed. […]

These honeymoon spots will get you more excited

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

Which of these incredible honeymoon spots is right for you? Honeymoons, destination weddings and romance are in abundance. For years, I have studied travel magazines and at times drooled over the incredible beauty of some of the destinations. I have been blessed enough to visit some of these amazing places, but some are still on […]

Wedding favors that make you feel more excited

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

What’s on your list for Wedding Favors? When we attend weddings, we enjoy witnessing the ceremony and having fun at the reception. But let’s face it, we are often times drawn to some of the unique things about the setup of the reception areas such as the candelabra, table centerpiece. With every wedding there are […]

Learn how to save more with a Jamaica wedding

By White Sand Travel | March 13, 2018

Thinking about a Jamaica wedding? Wedding professionals from all over, rate Jamaica as one of the top wedding locations in the world for your  destination wedding. You can combine your Jamaica wedding with a fantastic honeymoon to make the wedding of a lifetime without spending a fortune. There are literally dozens of fantastic all-inclusive beach […]

Save more money with amazing all-inclusive resorts

By White Sand Travel | March 8, 2018

I started vacationing at all-inclusive resorts before it became popular I vacationed at Couples Tower Isle which was the first ever all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. I was overjoyed. Today, as much as I like variety, I am constantly drawn to the all-inclusive experience and openly recommend them. Hands down, they provide incredible value and an amazing experience […]

Luxury villas that make you feel like royalty

By White Sand Travel | February 25, 2018

Not turned on by traditional hotel rooms and looking for luxury villas? You can get much more creative in the way you plan weddings and luxury vacations. The traditional resorts and hotels have their place, but luxury villas are becoming a hot item. Luxury villas have an amazing appeal that allows you amazing and unique experiences that […]