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The Best Places to Learn to Dive in Bali

By White Sand Travel | January 23, 2018

Do you want to know about the best places to dive in Bali? Learning to scuba dive opens up a whole new realm of opportunities – you can explore parts of the world some people will never get to see. After all, the ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. Best start exploring it soon. […]

Discover the Secret Benefits of a Private Transfer

By White Sand Travel | January 23, 2018

As a travel agent, it is my job to be as familiar with as many services as possible, so I can make the best recommendations to you. I have used both shared and private transfer but on my last trip to Jamaica, I decided that I will use private transfer in as many instances as […]

6 Surefire Relaxation Tips that Will Revive You

By White Sand Travel | January 3, 2018

Are you looking for relaxation Tips?  Well, here they are? On Fridays, I literally do a happy dance!  The tone of my voice is more cheerful and you can hear the smile. People are amazed and ask why am I so cheerful. They ask for my relaxation tips. I wasn’t always this way…I would just […]

Luxury honeymoon

Get More Excited About Your Magical Honeymoon

By White Sand Travel | January 15, 2018

Design a magical honeymoon Do you find yourself daydreaming? What do you day dream about? I want to be a princess for my wedding and a queen for my honeymoon! I want the entire fairy-tale…we want a magical honeymoon and the one I dreamed about since he put the ring on it! We want the […]

You Can Get More From Your Wedding in Cancun

By White Sand Travel | January 15, 2018

Real Wedding – couple stuns guests at wedding in Cancun I can still remember the day I met them…my first thought “beautiful and a very discerning couple.” My first thought, I can see them having their wedding in Cancun. Karen was stunning in a beautiful blue dress and Brian was sharp in his shirt and […]

Discover how to make your tropical beach wedding a hit

By White Sand Travel | January 22, 2018

Make Your Tropical Beach Wedding Rock Planning a tropical beach wedding and want to be sure it knocks the socks off your attendees in addition to be the first day of the rest of your life with your spouse? Here are a few ways we’ve learned to make destination and beach weddings we’ve assisted bring […]

Insider secrets on how travel makes you richer

By White Sand Travel | January 22, 2018

What if I told you that despite the cost, travel makes you richer! If you’re like me, the above quote rings like a church bell in your ears because travel lives in your blood.  Yes…travel makes you richer! I recently visited Jamaica and every time I go to that gorgeous island, I fall in love […]

Secrets to Get More on a Beach Honeymoon

By White Sand Travel | January 23, 2018

Packing tips for your bespoke beach honeymoon Is a beach honeymoon at the top of your list for top romantic travel options? But it’s hard to really enjoy yourself when you’re dragging around loads of stuff. This is the most romantic vacation you will ever take, so it’s important you spend the time to plan […]

Get More Luxury Resorts with Luxury Inclusions

By White Sand Travel | January 23, 2018

Luxury resorts with luxury inclusions designed to impress As you may already know, there is lots of luxury resorts with luxury inclusions in the Caribbean and Mexico. These resorts offer inclusions that are designed to dazzle and impress you. Everything you need is available, so your experience can be complete. So, what do you know […]

Learn How to Get the Most of Your Seaside Wedding

By White Sand Travel | January 23, 2018

So you think a Seaside Wedding is the “thang” huh? I am hearing a common theme among couples – they want a wedding that is unique” …like a “Seaside Wedding.” A Seaside Wedding! Are you among those who you want to do something extra-ordinary such as a seaside wedding? I can’t blame you, a seaside wedding is […]