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Discover how to have a fabulous Mexico honeymoon

By White Sand Travel | February 14, 2018

Live your fairy-tale, plan a Mexico honeymoon In my opinion, if you’re looking for a fabulous honeymoon, they a honeymoon in Mexico should be on your list. The amazing landscape with pristine beaches and the luxury of currency exchange rate if you are traveling from the US, Canada, the UK or Europe, will have you […]

Learn how to find the best destination wedding location

By White Sand Travel | February 13, 2018

What is the best destination wedding location? My specialty is to help you find the ideal destination wedding location for your ah-mazing wedding! Not so long ago I was that bride. Today, as I think about my own wedding planning, I laugh…heartily!  I was stressed and almost out of my mind with worry! So many […]

Did you know that all inclusive resort gets you more

By White Sand Travel | February 8, 2018

You can get so much more with an all-inclusive honeymoon Are you on the fence about an all-inclusive honeymoon? Maybe you’ve bought into the myth that it is all about buffets and the beach. Your are in for a treat, trust me! All-inclusive resorts are vacation resorts that include a minimum of three meals daily, […]

Discover the amazing value of palace resorts

By White Sand Travel | January 31, 2018

Fall in love with the Palace Life at Palace Resorts I call it the Palace Life. Why? Because, I feel like a princess when I’m at any of the Palace Resorts. If you conducted a search for honeymoon resorts, you are likely to get over 110 million hits. There are literally tons of them that […]

Travel protection secrets that will make you more excited

By White Sand Travel | January 31, 2018

Travel Protection is optional but highly recommended Because it is so beneficial, White Sand Travel includes that option in our pricing and give you the opportunity to accept or decline the coverage. It is your right! As a travel planner and romance travel expert, I have seen quite a few clients decline travel protection only […]

Learn more about these amazing resorts in Mexico

By White Sand Travel | January 31, 2018

Get the skinny of top resorts in Mexico If designing an amazing honeymoon is on the top of your agenda, you may find it very challenging to decide where to go. That is a common feeling as there are tons of resorts in Mexico that vie for your attention. First there is the destination and […]

Discover how to get more with a spa honeymoon

By White Sand Travel | January 29, 2018

Add some sizzle and romance with a Spa Honeymoon A spa honeymoon is one way to spend time to rest, relax, and recharge after months spent planning your wedding then there are lots of amazing spa resorts that are ready to pamper and spoil you rotten. There is a whole trend around spa honeymoons. The […]

Learn how to design your exclusive romantic escape

By White Sand Travel | January 29, 2018

Let’s talk about planning…planning your exclusive romantic escape How long have you been dreaming about planning your special day? Maybe your honeymoon or wedding or your exclusive romantic escape? I always seem to wake up with creative ideas about how to plan these special moments.  It’s such a sexy business and I am passionate about […]

Learn how to add romance to your honeymoon

By White Sand Travel | January 29, 2018

Are you looking to add romance to your honeymoon experience? When planning you honeymoon, one of the thoughts in the back of your mind is how to add romance to your honeymoon experience. You want romance, romance and more romance.  Maybe you’re not quite sure of is how to best make that happen. There are […]

Travel expert shares secrets on resorts in Negril

By White Sand Travel | January 29, 2018

My top three honeymoon resorts in Negril, Jamaica There are lots of resorts that you can choose for your honeymoon.  But I have to tell you, there are several honeymoon resorts in Negril, Jamaica. As a native of Jamaica, I’m all about “One Love”; Reggae music, Jerk Chicken and the fabulous resorts OMG…beaches …7 whole miles […]