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Discover the secrets of planning a luxury honeymoon

Have a luxury honeymoon without compromising quality

How can you design a luxury honeymoon without spending a fortune or compromising quality?  You may have been led to believe that you will spend more on your honeymoon than you should. Or, you may think you can get value by grabbing the best deal or cheapest package.  This is so far from the truth…

Follow these simple steps to avoid the mistakes of settling for less than you deserve

Honeymoon Planning AtlantaNot working with a Travel Professional

  1. Although White Sand Travel is a romance travel design agency, that isn’t why we’re putting this item on the list. We’re putting this item out there because time and time again we interact with honeymoon couples who are “just” interested in booking the best deal and have not taken the time to dig deep down and find the “why” in their booking process. If you are planning to book your honeymoon without professional help it may be time to stop and consider the many benefits of speaking with a professional. Travel experts often have access to discounts and special offers that the average website visitor does not have and can offer you PRICELESS advice on the various components of your travel design. If you can, find a travel professional who offers a free, no obligation, 30-minute chat and assessment of your needs and your budget. (Many of these appointments can be done online or by telephone if your schedule is packed with wedding arrangements!)
  2. Not Choosing an All-Inclusive Resort
    Another mistake many couples make but you want to avoid is to not assume that all-inclusive resorts are a poor investment because the prices are slightly higher than those of other accommodations. In truth, choosing an all-inclusive resort, you ensure that you don’t have to worry about meal costs, adult beverage costs, gratuities, or a host of other “secret expenses” that pop up while you are away. This also means that you won’t have to worry about currency exchange rates or fees charged by your credit card company for international transactions.
  3. Choosing the Cheapest Package
    The cheapest option at any resort, hotel, or spa is often their “bargain basement” offering. When it comes to travel, especially romantic travel such as a honeymoon or destination wedding, you will get what you pay for. Your flights will likely have longer layovers, be more crowded (or possibly overbooked) and be at less convenient travel times. The cheapest rooms tend to be the ones with the least impressive views (think: “overlooking the parking lot” or even worse “directly looking at a brick wall” — Don’t be fooled. These rooms exist in most locations), with the longest treks to elevators and entertainment at the resort, nearest construction, and so on. These accommodations are also typically available during periods of terrible weather. A “Honeymoon Monsoon” may sound festive, but it’s certainly not something that you would like to experience. Add to that the risk of booking a room without travel protection to cover you in case of an emergency cancellation (poor weather at your desired location, poor weather at the airports of your choice, illness, etc.), or without protection from the resort/hotel being overbooked. (This is also a real concern. Guests who self-book can be shuttled to other “comparable” locations when the resort they have chosen is overbooked.)

Luxury Honeymoon PlanningIf you are a honeymoon couple in search of high quality travel arrangements, do yourself a favor and avoid these three common ways that the average honeymoon couple spends more to receive less. Consider things like your travel time and whether you are protected in the event that plans change last minute or if the hotel has been overbooked. Although it may initially seem like you are paying more, remember that you’re avoiding much heavier costs and penalties by making smart decisions when you’re still at home.

White Sand Travel is a full service boutique agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings and romantic getaways that are “just because”! We plan each detail of your trip around your dreams and personal lifestyle. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We hope that your experience working with us will allow you to have firsthand knowledge of why our motto is “Imagine + Go.”

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