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Insider secrets: Get more with honeymoon planning tips

Discover the benefits of our top 5 Honeymoon Planning Tips

If you have the top 5 honeymoon planning tips, do you think that would help you have a honeymoon you would treasure?  Let’s face it, although your engagement period is a fun and exciting time, there does come some level of frustration, stress, and uncertainty that come with that level of planning. And there is no “pause” button on life to give you time to just focus on honeymoon planning.  In 5 years, I had 6 different web designers.

All-Inclusive Honeymoon ResortMaybe you are thinking of doing your own honeymoon planning and you most definitely can. Before you get busy planning ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you have the time and expertise to invest in the extensive research required for planning your honeymoon?
  • Are you looking for deals or value? If you are looking for value do you have the insider knowledge that will make this available to
  • Are you able to access special promotions and upgrades that you may qualify for?

As much as you can plan this amazing experience yourself, we believe that unlike me, you don’t have 6 tries to get your honeymoon right. You have one attempt to do this and so the decisions you make can be the difference between good and amazing.  If you are a DIY bride, take the following 5 Core points into consideration as you plan.

1. Start planning early.

Most couples get swept away by the wedding planning details and put the honeymoon at the bottom of their priority list. To get more and spend less, begin the honeymoon planning as soon as you set your date and book your reception. Statistics show that couples who plan their honeymoon at least 9 months in advance have a much better experience overall. If you wait until the last minute, prices for airline tickets can be more expensive and availability of desired accommodations may be limited. Additionally, you will encounter more stress when you are planning the event later rather than early because you may not be able to get premium room categories you may need, resorts may be sold out, airline seats may also be sold out. As a result, you often pay more for the same options if you had booked earlier.

2. Identify the type of honeymoon that you want

romantic holidayYou want to plan your honeymoon based on your personal tastes, lifestyle and budget and not on glossy magazine pictures or suggestions from well-meaning friends and relatives. Since no two couples are alike, your honeymoon must be unique to you. Decide if you want a laid back, adventure, touring or a little bit of everything. Communication is the key so uncover everything that is important to each of you so you can be sure to include what you want and exclude the things that do not fit. If you both have different interest, compromise or island hop so you can accommodate both interests.

3. Choose your location.

Once you have decided on the type of honeymoon you want, you can now start to zero in on the destinations that cater to those interests. So for example, if you love History, Italy may be a great place to honeymoon. If you are looking for exotic, the turquoise waters and black sand beaches of Santorini may be the ideal destination. Your destination must fit into your type of honeymoon but must also fit into what is accessible, affordable for you. It must also fit into the time that you can be away on your honeymoon. In-as-much as Tahiti may fit your personal tastes and lifestyle, if you have 5 days to honeymoon, that may not be wise as much of your time would be spent traveling and you will also come back jet-lagged. Be open to destinations – the Caribbean is a popular region for newlyweds and so is Mexico and both are affordable and accessible.

4. Decide on a budget, a realistic budget.

The average honeymoon is 7 days and 6-night and the average cost is $7,000.00. You may have a different vision in mind, a more opulent type of experience. Regardless of what type vision you have for your honeymoon, assess how much you can afford to spend on your honeymoon. While you may want to have the most exotic honeymoon ever, it is wise to not go overboard into debt so be realistic about what you want to spend. There are ways to afford a luxury honeymoon without breaking the bank. Consider a honeymoon registry where your friends and family can purchase items on your registry such as airline tickets or picnic on the beach. Value added such as complimentary honeymoon amenities and upgrades are also ways to get what you want. Additionally, think about shaving off a night off your stay or choose a lower room category so you can still have the fabulous experience but not spend a fortune or go into serious debt.

5. Work with a Romance Travel Expert

This is hands down the BEST way to get more and spend less on your honeymoon. A good expert will steer you in the right direction, help you select the resort that is perfect for you, save you tons of time researching places on the internet, take care of all the details, get you upgrades and special treatment you could not get on your own. Decide if you have the time and experience to invest in your own planning or you will seek the benefits of a romance travel expert.

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