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Insider tips: How to pack for your honeymoon

When you pack for your honeymoon, think sexy and romantic

How important is it to have a plan on how or what to pack for your honeymoon? It is important whether you believe it or not. We understand that packing for any trip typically the last thing on your mind and with good reason – you’re more concerned with everything else about planning the trip. Unfortunately, packing it is a necessary task, and the fact that we might not enjoy this part of the process doesn’t make it any less important! Luckily for you, we have put together a list of essential “must haves” that are necessary to have a perfect honeymoon, regardless of your destination.

Additionally, there are some planning that should go into packing, especially the most important trip of your life – your honeymoon!  These days, it costs a lot of money to check bags on a flight — even just one bag. Check two or more, and you can easily start racking up fees that are half the price of a plane ticket. Plus, if you’re traveling internationally, that huge suitcase on wheels that rolls effortlessly through airport hallways can suddenly become a major hassle and backache on uneven pathways so resist the urge to over-pack.

Always think “multi-use.” Make a list. Find tops, bottoms, and shoes that are versatile and that you can easily mix, match, and layer. Accessorize with light, easy-to-pack things: scarves, neckties, fabric belts. Your honeymoon calls for sexy so put some thought into what you pack and not how much you pack.

Honeymoon Packing TipsThe Basics:

  • Airline Tickets or eTicket confirmations
  • Passport/Visa/Driver’s License
  • Credit Cards (For safety reasons, only take the ones you need.)
  • Cash or Travelers Checks
  • Hotel Reservation Confirmations
  • Theater/Concert Reservation Confirmations/Tickets if you have booked entertainment in advance
  • Prescription medication in the original bottle

Safety Essentials:

  • You can scan copies of your driver’s license, passport, trip insurance policies or credit cards and securely email those images to yourself, for easy access in case they are lost or stolen. This helps to eliminate the need for paper. Photocopies of your ID, Credit Cards, Medical Insurance, and Trip Insurance policies. Make photocopies and be sure to leave a set at home with friends/relatives
  • Contact phone numbers for:
    • Emergency contact
    • Your doctor
    • Your house/pet sitter(s)
    • Your credit card company (in case your cards are stolen or misplaced, so you can freeze the account)
  • Travel Tags & Locks
    • Be sure to have identifying tags on the inside as well as on the outside of your luggage. Most bags are black and will look like many others so a luggage tag that is “your own” will make your bag easy to spot.
    • We also suggest combination locks over ones with keys – one less thing to lose!

What about Clothes??

  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing for the actual travel day. We suggest jeans or khakis and bringing a light jacket or cardigan – planes and airports can get chilly! Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, you may have a little hike to your boarding gate or could be standing in line at Immigration
  • When packing bring fewer “large” items (example: multiple dresses for evenings out) and instead pack more accessories. You can create a multitude of looks while wearing the same outfit if you mix up scarves and jewelry. This will cut down on laundry expenses while you are away and free up space in your suitcase or carry on for souvenirs.
  • Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, including a few female sanitary items isn’t a bad idea. These items are a must have in the event you need them, and they can be difficult to find or maybe very expensive when you’re traveling abroad.

There you have it. A short list of “must haves” and tricks for maximizing your luggage space that will set you on your way to a perfect honeymoon escape! Before you pack, you can check out a site like, which allows you to check the forecast of your destination and can help you plan what to pack based on the temperature and conditions that might await you upon arrival.

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