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Learn how to get the best Travel Agent

As a travel agent my priority is your needs

Researching a casual trip online may be easy and fun, but when it comes to booking your all-important honeymoon, the advantages of choosing the best travel agent for your customized experience may be daunting. Your travel agent can offer you the benefit of his or her globetrotting experiences; inside lines to discounts not widely advertised; package deals and a range of itinerary options; one-stop shopping for air, car, and hotel reservations; and, finally, peace of mind. They are your saviors and advocates when travel plans go awry. Here are the top 5 points to help you find the travel professional of your dreams.

Know Before You Go

Honeymoon Planning AtlantaBefore searching for a travel agent, have some ideas about your budget, destinations that appeal to you, the type of honeymoon experience that you want and what your expectations are. Over the years, the name travel agent has been changed to Travel Consultant, Travel Advisor, Travel Expert or Travel Professional but the term most know to the travel community is travel agent. A Travel Consultant is a travel agent who does more than book your trip. Your Travel Consultant will be more of a Consultant with purposes of gathering information about your needs, making recommendations and designing and executing the vacation package.

If you are a honeymoon couple, ideally, you are looking for a Travel Consultant that specializes in romance travel is even better. Expect that your Travel Consultant will be patient, ask lots of questions, maintain rigorous quality standards, are candid the pros/cons about a destination or resort. He/she will be able to entertain your dreams with an open mind and present a range of options. Seek out someone who feels like a kindred spirit; their opinion will jive most closely with your likes and dislikes.

Qualified Consultants may have a fee

Traditionally, travel consultants do not charge a fee. However, there is considerable time spent in meeting with you, doing research to present you with options only to have potential clients who are “window shopping” for consultants and itineraries then turn around and book the tickets themselves or shop with another consultant. Consequently, many have started charging a fee for their services and expertise. This fee varies according to the intricacies of the trip and may be waived when the trip is booked or included in the final quote. If you trust and like the consultant, consider it a small price to pay for a perfectly planned honeymoon. Mostly every other service about your wedding had a price tag so it is not uncommon to pay for services.

Consultants will have experience

What’s one of the most important agent credentials? First-hand experience with a property. A consultant who was born and raised or who has visited a specific destinations or resorts has first-hand knowledge and can recommend options that may be unknown to you. He/she may also recommend added amenities which will enhance your experience. Because of the knowledge and experience of your consultant, expect him/her to act on your behalf and combine the lifestyle and tastes of you and your fiancé into your plan. For example, if you are a spa enthusiast, your consultant will take that in mind when offering destination options.

A Consultant with SpecialtyHoneymoon Planning

There are literally thousands of honeymoon destinations that you could choose from. It is impossible for your consultant to know every destination intimately. When you are choosing a consultant, it’s best to choose one who specializes in either the destination or the resorts. There are consultants who are specialists in Jamaica or the Sandals Resorts and know the destination/resort very well and can be more knowledgeable and effective in their planning than someone who is less intimately involved in that destination/resort. Don’t be shy to ask for a specialist.

Communication is Key

It is critical that you and your consultant have great communication because you are trusting someone to help you plan the most important travel experience of your life. Your consultant should be a great listener with an enthusiasm to help you experience the dream that you have for your honeymoon. He/she will make recommendations but mostly the ultimate decision is yours.

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