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Want a vegan honeymoon? Things you need to know

Gluten-free or Vegan honeymoon is a new trend

If you’ve changed your lifestyle to something healthier you may be thinking that a gluten-free or vegan honeymoon is more of a necessity than a trend. I recently had a couple and the bride had serious allergies. What’s more they thought they couldn’t indulge in a all-inclusive honeymoon because of dietary limitations.

Vegan HoneymoonDo you feel anxious that because of your specialty dining needs that your honeymoon may be ruined? You may be thinking that some recipes may include “hidden” ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or not conform to your individual dietary needs. This fear often may leave you feeling as if the options you have for honeymoon travel are limited, but that is not the case!

All-Inclusive Resorts: All-inclusive stays are by far our favorite option to book gluten-free or vegan honeymoon vacations. There are numerous resorts which cater to a variety of dietary needs. This is especially convenient for vegan foodies who love variety.

The family friendly Beaches resorts in Turks & Caicos and in Negril, Jamaica have all the amenities of their sibling resorts but have the added benefit of accommodating dietary needs of all types. You can have a kosher, vegetarian or vegan honeymoon when you provide instruction in advance. They also have the capability to provide meals for those who are allergic to or seek to avoid gluten, peanuts, nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, shellfish, sesame, and sugar! The Sandals resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica offers all-butler service boutique stays and can accommodate all of the dietary needs listed above, as well. The adults-only Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas also caters to couples with food allergies we have listed above in addition to providing kosher, vegan, and vegetarian options. The important thing when booking with resorts who are not by nature vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free is to mention your dietary needs during the booking process to ensure that the resort is a good fit for you. In addition, it’s always a good idea to make suggestions as to what you can have in addition to things that you cannot. Many all-inclusive resorts are willing to make special arrangements for your needs. (Just think, you could be on your way to a gluten-free honeymoon in no time!)Vegan Honeymoon

If finding a resort which does not serve meat or dairy products at all is something you desire in order to feel comfortable, there are places like Maravilla Caribbean Veg Bed and Breakfast ( ) in Puerto Rico for either mountain or beach destination honeymoon accommodations with no surprise costs. Thanks to their commitment to the veg lifestyle, you aren’t likely to have any surprises in your entrees, either.

Other Accommodations: If you would like to avoid an all-inclusive resort for some reason you’ll need to do more leg work and research prior to your trip and you may have to make more trips around your destination city when it’s meal time. You will want to avoid this route in the interest of convenience after months of stressful wedding planning unless of course you had your honeymoon planned by a professional.

The Vegan Lodge in Grenada: ( ) defines itself as “a retreat from the ‘real world’” and a “vegan haven”. They do not offer TV, DVD, Radio, or electrical air-conditioning so keep that in mind before you decide to think about this resort as a possible honeymoon location. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room, and they will provide lunch and dinner for an additional cost, should you decide that you don’t want to leave your remote getaway. With these accommodations it would still be necessary to mention a gluten intolerance to confirm that they would be able to facilitate your needs during your stay.

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas: ( ) they strive to create high quality vegetarian and vegan meals. With the variety of meals available and the myriad of both fine and casual dining restaurants accessible to you, it is likely that you will have the ability to find restaurants whose menus cater to dietary needs.

As you can see, in just a few paragraphs we have been able to provide several suggestions for resorts, bed and breakfasts, and hotels which provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free accommodations, not to mention a variety of other food allergies. If you look over these options and find that you are struggling to decide based on what you had in mind, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would be happy to help you make the honeymoon destination choice that is right for you.

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