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Get excited with these amazing romantic holiday tips

My entire marriage consisted of an annual romantic holiday

romantic holidayPlanning your dream romantic holiday, whether it’s for a milestone anniversary or even glamorous destination wedding is a task worthy of your undivided attention and a considerable amount of knowledge about what kind of experience you are looking for. It is more than looking at images and finding a good deal.  So many things can go wrong and without an experienced romance travel expert, you may miss out on some really valuable information that could affect your outcome. The worry alone could just as well ruin the whole event. Let’s not forget that you have other more pressing matters to attend to, so investing countless hours of your precious and limited time may not serve you very well.

There’s also the possibility that you are not experienced in outlining such an extraordinary event, though it’s understandable, because romance travel is a highly specialized field. One could argue that with the Internet, you could plan your event on your own quite easily. However, there are thousands of websites to choose from. The Internet may be a wealth of information, but there is such a thing as too much information.

It’s also reasonable that you expect some level of trepidation as you start the planning process. After all, you are spending a lot of time and money in celebrating your love story. There is a lot to think about.Romantic Holiday

As you know you can find just about everything on the internet. When was the last time you ordered something online and when you got it, it was nothing like the images you saw in the advertisement presented to you? Did you return that merchandise or cancel the service? What if you spent months dreaming of your ideal wedding, honeymoon in paradise or romantic getaway and then went online and did all the planning yourself and you show up and discover that the photographs are outdated, and the resort is not what you thought? Who will handle the shattered pieces of your dream? Your tears should be tears of joy, not tears of despair. And trying to make calls and figure things out is not your job, it belongs in the hands of an expert. Your job is to remain beautiful and calm and enjoy your day! You can’t return this “online purchase” and even if you could, then what about your dream day?

I like this quote: “I do want an expensive honeymoon. Not because I’m extravagant, but because a honeymoon is a solemn, important thing … a symbol. And it ought to be done — well, adequately”-  Arnold Bennett, The Honeymoon.

Luxury honeymoonI do believe that we all want to save money and many times we can do some projects without the help of an expert. I have been there and done that – done a few things myself and as you may guess, it looked just that way…like I did them myself. In the long run, I thought I was saving money, but it ended up costing me more because the outcome was less than stellar. If you want to save time and money and plan a flawless wedding, honeymoon or romance getaway, where you can show up and have a blast, then the do-it-yourself recipe is not the answer. The peace of mind and the transfer of accountability alone is worth you not trusting such important events to online booking engines.  While you may find a discounted package, I am sure you are not looking for a “discounted” experience and a honeymoon or romance itinerary is very different than an experience! Keep these tips in mind as you plan your romantic holiday.

  • Plan early and know what you want your experience to be
  • Focus on value not on price
  • Incorporate your personal lifestyle and taste and let that drive your decision for your experience
  • Do not be shy about getting expert help

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