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Honeymoon places that will add more romance for you

Honeymoon places that will add spice to your special vacation

I would bet that it is your dream to have a flawlessly planned wedding. Equally important is the design of your honeymoon. With thousands of honeymoon places to choose from, it is often a bit of a stressful exercise for the non-professional honeymoon designer.  Where you choose to honeymoon is critical in the experience you will have.  One of the most exotic honeymoon places you may consider is the sensational spot in a quaint Caribbean island with breathtaking vistas and beautiful beaches. This island is the host of many of well-known Caribbean’s finest restaurants and cafes and is affectionately called St. Barts (short for Saint Barthelemy).  It has a unique charm, stunning scenery that can take away breath of any traveler.

St. Barts is considered as the Caribbean’s most beautiful island by many people. Hilly landscape, crystal clear waters, numerous lagoons, it has everything perfectly organized in a natural way. Out of many special items, food of this island is what set it apart from the rest of the others.  The Caribbean’s most elite, most expensive island lives up to its reputation where the rich and famous are known to frequent. But it still has charms that make it attractive to regular folk, from its uncrowded white-sand beaches to the gingerbread-trimmed cases (cottages) and designer shop. St. Jean is a diminutive strip of colorful boutiques and beach bars that has been compared to St. Tropez.

Of all the honeymoon places, why St. Barts?

This island is composed of 22 beaches, all open to the public which makes it an excellent honeymoon place for beach lovers. You can sunbathe on any of these amazing beaches. Relax for a couple of hours under the sun and experience the divinity of the place. Shopaholics can shop for designer digs in Gustavia. Out of all the visitors on this island, honeymoon couples hold the highest percentage. St Barts is a playground for your honeymoon and will allow you the opportunity to take things home as a remembrance of the place. Hilltop cafes on the island offer a spectacular view of the sunset, unrivaled to any place else.  As said earlier, the food of this island is a hot topic, the specialty of this place. Be prepared to enjoy excellent food quality and superb hospitality here in St Barts.

Honeymoon PlacesWhat to Do on Your Honeymoon in St. Barts

Your honeymoon in St. Barts can serve as the most exciting holiday destination for you.  The weather, food, beaches and reefs are many things to keep you on this island and pull you back whenever you decide to end your vacation and leave the place. This place will make you fall in love with it and each other all over again and declare it your perfect honeymoon spot.

Your honeymoon package in St. Barts can be as elaborate or simple as you desire.  This spot is simply perfect for swimming, sunbathing and other water sports when winter hits the rest of the northern hemisphere. World-class shopping, fabulous spas and incredible dining are among the very top items to do on your honeymoon on St. Bart’s. Chances are you’ll want to spend the majority of your time luxuriating under the azure blue sky.

  • Relax – If you want to just relax, you have found the perfect honeymoon spot. Many hotels and resorts offer spa services where you can get all the pampering you need.
  • Snorkel – If you are a snorkel enthusiast, then you will find hundreds of shallow areas off of many of the best beaches that enables you to experience beautiful marine life up close. Wherever you are, putting on some snorkeling gear and checking out the waters by yourself is always an option.
  • Beach – There are 14 main beaches on St. Bart’s that are beautiful spots to luxuriate in the warm sunshine. Many are quite popular, but you may want to find a more secluded and quiet place to enjoy time together.

Honeymoon PlacesBefore going to the place, we recommend you make a list of all things you want to do there. If you are going to an amazing place, then do not miss anything at any cost. May through June is the best time to visit St. Bart’s. The weather is nearly perfect. From December through April, the sun is especially scorching. December is considered peak season and requires bookings six months in advance. Clouds and showers sometimes interrupt the warm weather, especially during the fall.

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