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Honeymoon planning tips that get you more excited

Use these honeymoon planning tips to get your dream experience

Honeymoon Planning TipsI get to help you create magical dreams for your honeymoon and have those honeymoon fantasies unfold before your eyes during your stay.  A day in my life is typically one where I have the pleasure to speak with you about your honeymoon dreams.  My intention as we speak is to find out what challenges you face so I can provide the solutions that you seek.  Let’s face it, there is an incredible volume of options at your disposable but sifting through that mountain of options is very daunting –  is pretty much a full-time job. Add all the other detailed planning and decisions that you must make for your wedding, you can easily become overwhelmed.

As an expert  in honeymoon planning, my job is not that of an order taker, to listen to your travel dates and quote you a price but to educate you on what will culminate in a fantastic  honeymoon experience for you. My goal is to design an experience that will design options that will fit your lifestyle, personal tastes and financial commitment. Ultimately, you want an experience that will be one that you will treasure for years to come.  Keep in mind a quote or an itinerary is far different than a honeymoon experience!

Some of the challenges that you may be faced with are ways to save time and money in planning your honeymoon and that is perfectly understandable and normal.  Keep in mind, that whether or not you have limited time and budget, there are ways to still have a fantastic experience. Here are some tips to consider helping you have an enhanced experience without breaking the bank.Honeymoon Planning Tips

Plan Your Honeymoon Early – If you read my writings you will read this repeatedly – plan early! Planning early gives you negotiating opportunities that you don’t have if you are planning last minute. It also gives you time to plan and increase funding in other ways other than the budget you have in mind.

Be creative – Start putting a small amount aside each week. $40.00 per week is equivalent to 2 movie tickets, 2 Cokes and a tub of popcorn which can put $2,080.00 in your honeymoon fund if you saved that every week for a year. If you eat out once per week, cut that in half and save the money towards your honeymoon fund.  If you have Frequent Flyer points, plan to use those for your flights. Creatively schedule your flights to fly out on a weekday instead of the weekend as your fares may be less.

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Scale Back: Another thought is scaling down on the expenses of the wedding which is for you, your friends and family and plan a smaller, more intimate and more affordable wedding so you can have the experience you want for your honeymoon travel that is just for the two of you. Keep in mind the wedding is for everyone, but the honeymoon is for you two only.

Create a Honeymoon Registry is a fantastic way to have family and friends contribute to your honeymoon experience. Trade the pots and pans for some fun in the sun. A honeymoon registry generally works just like a traditional bridal registry by allowing you to select elements of your honeymoon (airfare, hotel nights, meals, tours, sports, spa treatments, admissions, spending cash) that friends and family may buy for you in increments as wedding gifts.

Ask about our Payment Plans. You can make a deposit on your package and make payments over time. This is especially    helpful if you start to make payments 9-12 months ahead of the wedding date. This is interest free and allows you to be flexible    in your plan. Many resorts have great promotions and honeymoon amenities and upgrades that may be complimentary. We know how to find those so ask us. Understanding your options can equip you to make wise decisions so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime without compromising your dreams. 

Honeymoon Planning TipsBe realistic – expectations about your honeymoon dreams must be realistic. It may be advisable to shave off a night off your trip at a 4-star resort than to go for 5 nights to a lower resort category and then have a “discounted experience”.

Let your lifestyle determine where you spend your honeymoon. Think about what you like and not let all your decision about something this important be dictated by money. Though budget is important, going to a less expensive property that does not have the amenities you want is not a wise selection. And, keep in mind there are creative ways to make your dream come true.

At White Sand Travel, romance is the name of the game. We work hard to be sure that you don’t have to lift a finger to plan your romantic getaway, honeymoon or destination wedding. We have over 25 years of combined experience with a goal of leveraging our expertise and knowledge to curate the perfect experience for you.

We are experts so call us at 770.469.7370  to plan this incredible event in your life.

Honeymoon Planning Tips