White Sand Travel makes your romance travel easy-peezy…

Affordable HoneymoonAfter the wedding, you need to keep the fire burning…if you know what I mean! And nothing says “I love you” more than romance travel.

One thing I hear all the time is how much time it takes to research a trip. And, I totally agree…I do it for a living!

As one of the Romance Travel Specialist at White Sand Travel, I sometimes feel like a bride. I know the frustrations, the stress, and the uncertainty that comes with that level of planning.


There is no “pause” button on life to give you time to just focus on this level of planning. In 6 years, I went through 6 iterations of a website, 7 website designers and I finally feel like I have a website that works. One of my mistakes – I tried to do a lot of the design myself. What a disaster! It cost me more in the long run.

Maybe you are thinking of doing your own honeymoon or destination wedding planning and you most definitely can. But before you get busy planning, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you have the time and expertise that is required for planning this extraordinary trip?
  • Do you have access to best of breed in resorts, travel protection and ground transportation?
  • Are you able to access special promotions and upgrades that you may qualify for?
  • Do you know the best times to book air and the difference between the types of airfares?
  • Do you need someone that will be accountable for the planning in case anything goes awry?

As much as you can plan this amazing experience yourself, we believe that you can have much better results with expert help.

Unlike me, you don’t have 6 tries to get your honeymoon right, you have one and so the decision you make on who will plan your honeymoon can be the difference between good and amazing. Are you ready to transfer the responsibility of this once-in-a-lifetime experience to a pro?

Do you want to know more about White Sand Travel?

When you contact us to start planning your romance experience, there are lots of things happening behind the scenes to make this fit together perfectly.

Sometimes we are on hold for hours; we work with travel suppliers to get the best packages and promotions; we spend a tremendous number of hours in research to find the perfect fit; we put together each component of your trip, so you don’t get up at 3am to get a flight; have long lay-overs or overnight flights; spend too much time flying or get to the resort too late to enjoy the amenities.

We make sure that when you get off the airplane, there is transportation ready to take you to the resort. We often make dinner reservations; spa reservations; tours; complimentary upgrades and so on – whatever is going to make your experience magical!

The White Sand Travel Process

The White Sand Travel process spans an intricate process so that we can design the ultimate experience for you.
Our first session is our 30-minute complimentary planning time with you where we get to know each other so that we can identify your needs and wants.Romance Travel

    •  We design your package which involves in-depth research so that we can zero in on the perfect options for your package
    •  You receive a presentation of options for you to review until you are completely satisfied
    • When you approve the design, we complete the package with flight information, travel protection, round-trip transfers, total cost, deposit amount, payment plan options and final date of payment
    • To make sure you have all you need for the ultimate experience, we suggest additional options such as tours, spa menus, romantic dinners under the stars, etc.
    • When the final payment is received, we will deliver your formal travel documents. You never have to lift a finger or print an itinerary
    • We are on alert for any unforeseen circumstances that could pop up and present a problem while you are en route. We help you with anything from missed connections, airline delays or cancellations
    • We want to learn more about your experience when you get back, so we follow up with you

This is what Marcus had to say: “Everything on our trip was wonderful! You made everything extremely easy all we did was   show up and everything was done for us from there out.   Thanks again!!

You can have the same experience Marcus had. Call me today at 770.469.7370 to start planning your escape.

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