I haven’t posted in a while, but I am always thinking about what makes one couple choose a destination or resort over the other.

What is your honeymoon sweet spot? Because, as you know, no two honeymoons are the same!

I got a little side-tracked with my postings but for a great reason…I’m designing three weddings within months of each other and several romantic Greek getaways. I am so in love with “couples in love.”

OMG…this is such an exciting time for me.


One of the honeymoons I’m designing is to Greece and as I saw their pics,  I pretty much did a little swoon!  To think I curated that experience for them! It’s an honor but also such a humbling experience for me – to be able to transform their travel dreams into reality! Aaww!


I also got off the rails a little as I started looking for skin care options. OMG…I was super confused. There are thousands of offers and options. And then, I got caught in the web of essential oils and that sent me on hours and hours of time trying to understand how to use them safely. I eventually gave up and enrolled in a class so I could learn more.

I couldn’t help but think about how confusing it must be for brides and couples who are looking at thousands of resorts and reading page after page of reviews.


Keep in mind that not everyone who is giving advice are qualified travel experts, so you may be getting recommendations based on a single trip.

So, I say all this to say:

To find your ideal destination or resort, it is imperative that you’re able to sift through the noise and zoom in on what is right for you. Even as a travel professional, I literally get bombarded with hundreds of resorts who want to share their offers.  I invest in hundreds of hours to educate myself on what may be right for the clients I serve.

Your vacation experience is really about you and your personal tastes, lifestyle and budget. We all have a bucket list or that dreamy honeymoon or wedding location but…

Do they fit you?

Let’s take a popular scenario and how we can zoom into what may be a perfect fit.

John and Jane saw the amazing photos of the over-water villas and it is perfect for their honeymoon. Tahiti has been on their bucket list forever.
Honeymoon Spots

How much time do they have for travel?
Are they open to being in a coach seat for 14-18 hours?
How about jet-lag? There is a 6-hour advance time difference?
Do you have a budget of about $12-20,000.00?

Opt for the over-water villas in Mexico, Jamaica or St Lucia and enjoy a 2-3-hour travel time from Atlanta.
The price tag for these options in the Caribbean and Mexico may still be pretty steep, however, you can do split stays to make the vacation more affordable. For example, if you are getting married and want that over-water villa experience, consider staying in a lower room category for the days leading up to the wedding and splurge on your wedding night. So, your 7-day/6-night stay could be 3 night in the lower room and 3 nights in your own personal paradise.
To sweeten the deal, these options are all-inclusive and with a personal butler so you’re not coming up out of pocket for extras.
All-Inclusive Honeymoon

Does that mean you should not go to Tahiti?  Of course not!  But what it does mean is that you can customize your experience to meet your needs. You may have been to the Caribbean and Mexico and want to experience the culture of Tahiti and the many beautiful islands. Not to mention that what works for another couple may not work for you.

I personally don’t care for the long flights, so a 14-17-hour flight is a deal breaker for me. But, you may want to go to Tahiti and could not care less about what the Caribbean and Mexico has to offer.

Remember, it is all about you. 

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