I cannot tell you how many times I’ve talked with couples who face a challenge in how to balance their wedding and honeymoon budget.

How do you do that? How important is it to balance the wedding and honeymoon budget but still have your dream?

It’s no secret that it’s the one day of your life when you deserve the very best of everything. It’s an occasion when magical memories are made. But as amazing as your wedding day is or your dream honeymoon, if you’re not careful, you can blow your entire budget.

It’s going to be wonderful…as long as the price tag doesn’t turn your dream wedding and honeymoon into a financial nightmare.

Juggling your budget for your big day and your honeymoon as you celebrate your first days as husband and wife, is important; and getting everything you want out of both occasions can be hard to balance.

Honeymoon Planning

Here are some great tips for making your wedding budget stretch further

Choose your date carefully

Booking a lovely wedding – and jetting off to an exotic location afterwards – doesn’t have to be a Saturday in summer, when prices tend to be sky-high.

Explore ‘off peak’ dates with your venue and combine this with a honeymoon package outside school holidays. You will certainly find mid-week wedding bookings are less expensive, though you need to give guests lots of notice so they can book time off work.

Make gifts ‘wedding-relevant’

If you’re wondering how to have a dream wedding on a controlled budget, this is a fabulous tip, especially if you’ve lived together for a while and have plenty of kitchen equipment.

You could send your gift list out in plenty of time, and ask for contributions to such items as flowers, band hire, champagne for the toast, or even bridesmaid dresses. It could be you have a relative itching to gift you a glorious handmade wedding cake or loan you something amazing for wedding transport.

Check the small print carefully

With all the excitement of planning a wedding and honeymoon, it’s easy to fall into the trap of signing up for bigger bills than you bargained for.

Look carefully at all the quotes you get, and what is included, to be sure you’re comparing like-for-like.

For example, when booking a band, a great tip for balancing your wedding budget is to make sure they bring all their own sound and special effects equipment. Getting live wedding music sorted for one transparent and reliable price can be invaluable.

(Another great way to keep the cost of your reception down is to book a local band, who don’t charge much – or anything – for travel.)

The same control of additional costs applies to honeymoons. Look out for extra charges for luggage, airport transfers and on-site hotel fees. Do you get water sports, trips and other activities included in the price?

Destination Wedding

Guest list; handle with care

This is a thorny one, but it’s certainly a crucial way to balance a wedding budget. Be firm on your numbers for invitations. That may mean disappointing a few second cousins or friends from school days but be realistic. One of the best measures to use in creating a wedding guest list is to only invite people you have seen and spoken to in the past 6 months. That’s not including your Facebook friends.

Make it personal

There are more ways to keep your wedding budget down in this handy guide.

Keep firmly in mind that this day is all about you and your partner. Impressing and entertaining your relatives and friends for hours on end is by no means obligatory! If you want to keep it sweet, simple and all about you two, that’s a perfect way to make it both special and affordable!

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