Boost your wedding guest book with these tips

Do you need to have a wedding guest book?

Quite honestly, you do not need one, but you may want to take some time later to see what congratulatory messages your guests left you.

If you have a destination wedding, one great way to capture memories (besides photographs) is with your wedding guest book or you can opt for wedding guest book alternatives that show off your creativity.

These adventurous wedding guest book alternatives are a great way to capture your carefree spirit and match your wedding style.

Here are some of our favorites:

Seashells: If you are hosting your wedding in the sand, seashells are a great piece of decor that can double as a wedding guest book. Hunt for shells along the shoreline in the weeks or months leading up to your big day and display them on a table at your reception. You can ask guests to sign their name and well wishes onto these shells for a memorable keepsake you will cherish forever.

Globe: Love is a journey, and so is this unique guest book idea. Share your love for adventure by displaying a vintage globe at your reception. Ask guests to sign near their favorite vacation spots so you can get new travel ideas and learn more about your wedding guests.

Postcards:  Collect postcards from your favorite places, or destinations you are dreaming of visiting, and use them as a wedding guest book alternatives. Have guests sign the postcards so you can memorialize this place forever, and then display them in your home as you please.

Message in a bottle:  Nautical themed-weddings can collect messages the old-fashioned way: in a bottle! Encourage your guests to sign slips of paper and then have them slip it into a bottle. You and your partner can open it at a later date.

Bucket list: If you and your partner love adventures, have your guests help you brainstorm some items for your marriage bucket list. Whether it’s watching the northern lights or going to see a local band down the street, you’re bound to end up with some unique date night ideas.

For even more great wedding guest book ideas, head over to Zola for a complete list of 52 unique guest book ideas.

You can create your own wedding and wedding guest book ideas for sure. However, we specialize in designing destination weddings without the added stress and worry.

Let us know your thoughts about this topic.

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The hidden mystery behind your wedding and honeymoon budget

Why it’s important to balance your wedding and honeymoon budget?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve talked with couples who find the balance between their wedding and honeymoon budget to be a daunting task.

  • How do you balance the two without sacrificing one or the other?
  • Why is it so important?

It’s no secret that it’s the one day of your life when you deserve the very best of everything. It’s an occasion that magical memories are made. But as important as your wedding day or dream honeymoon is, if you’re not careful, you can blow your entire budget.

Juggling your budget for your big day and your honeymoon as you celebrate your first days as husband and wife, is important; and getting everything you want out of both occasions can be hard to balance.

Here are some tips to help you keep balance.

couple enjoying honeymoon on the beach

Choose your date carefully – Booking a lovely wedding – and jetting off to an exotic location afterwards – doesn’t have to take place on a Saturday in summer, when prices tend to be sky-high.

Explore ‘off peak’ dates with your venue and combine this with a honeymoon package outside peak times. You will  find that mid-week wedding bookings are less expensive. Keep in mind that you will need to give guests enough notice so they can schedule time off work.

Make gifts ‘wedding-relevant’ – If you’re wondering how to have a dream wedding on a controlled budget, this is a fabulous tip, especially if you’ve lived together for a while and have plenty of kitchen equipment.

Create a honeymoon registry and instead of the tradditional gifts, your guests could make contributions to such items as flowers, band hire, champagne for the toast, or even bridesmaid dresses. It could turn end up saving you a nice little bundle.

Check the small print carefully – With all the excitement of planning a wedding and honeymoon, it’s easy to fall into the trap of signing up for bigger bills than you bargained for.

Look carefully at all the quotes you get, and what is included, to be sure you’re comparing like-for-like.

For example, when booking a band, a great tip for balancing your wedding budget is to make sure they bring all their own sound and special effects equipment.

(Another great way to keep the cost of your reception down is to book a local band, who don’t charge much – or anything – for travel.)

The same control of additional costs applies to honeymoons. Look out for extra charges for luggage, airport transfers and on-site hotel fees.

Hidden costs could inlcude water sports, tours, premium spirts etc; so keep an eye out for package inclusions.

wedding party

Guest list – This is a thorny one, but it’s certainly important if you want to manage the financing of your wedding and honeymoon budget. Be firm on your numbers for invitations. That may mean disappointing a few second cousins or friends from school days but you have to be realistic. One of the best measures to use in creating a wedding guest list is to only invite people that are near and dear to your heart.

Make it personal – Keep in mind that this day is all about you and your partner. Impressing and entertaining your relatives and friends for hours on end is by no means obligatory! If you want to keep it sweet, simple and all about you two, that’s a perfect way to make it both special and affordable!

We plan everything for you, so you have nothing to worry about and you don’t even have to lift a finger. With our insider knowledge and relationships, we’ll design the perfect itinerary, find the best value, and plan for every contingency so your vacation or honeymoon will truly be the romantic tropical island getaway of your dreams.

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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Honeymoon in Antigua

The location of your honeymoon is a big deal. Think about a honeymoon in Antigua.

Are you still searching countless website hoping to bring your fairy-tale to life?
Have you isolated the top 3 three honeynoom choices, prepared a comparative analysis and still somewhat undecided?

How about considering a honeymoon in Antigua?

Although the internet provides a plethora of information, it can also be overwhelming and you may find the most important trip of your life (your honeymoon) not looking so fun after all.

You need help to sift through the noise, don’t you?

Honeymoon in Antigua

As a Romance Travel Expert, it is my job to create the dream escape for you. When I talk about this subject, I find that when many people think of their dream honeymoon destination, a beautiful tropical island comes to mind. They imagine lounging on powdery, white sand, sipping cocktails by (or in) a luxurious resort swimming pool, and taking in the sunset between swaying palms trees.

Of course, not all tropical island destinations are the same, and that’s why an expert Travel Agent can help guide you to the getaway spot of your dreams – like Antigua.

Romance, Your Way

If you love the crystal-clear water around the islands, complete with colorful marine life and coral-encrusted shipwrecks, Antigua is your honeymoon spot. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The island’s famous 365 safe harbors make it a world-class center for yachting.

If you’d like some adventure together, take in zip lining and rope challenge courses on an Antigua rainforest canopy tour. Or, if you prefer your scenery with a dose of relaxation and romance, head to Shirley Heights, where you can watch the sunset over the harbor while enjoying a picnic from the local café.

If your idea of romance includes enjoying the nightlife, the King’s Casino is open every night of the week, with table games, slot machines and live music and entertainment in the lounge. You can also head back to Shirley Heights on a Sunday when it becomes a vibrant party spot with traditional rum punch, a barbeque feast and a steel band to accompany the picture-perfect views.

For the most romantic honeymoon photographs, take the 90-minute ferry ride north to Barbuda, with its deserted eight-mile pink sand beach. The rose petal color of the sand comes from millions of pieces of crushed coral.

My top recommendation for your romantic honeymoon suite

There are many choices for accommodations in Antigua, from the popular all-inclusive Sandals Antigua resort to more private, smaller five-star getaways. As a Romance Travel Expert with years of experience under my belt, I’m here to tell you that my favorite Antiguan resort is the one that is voted “Worlds Most Romantic Resort” year after year. It is Sandals Grande Antigua which is located on the best and most famous beach – Dickenson Bay.

  • I love the two distinct villages – the Mediterranean and the Caribbean
  • With 11 different restaurants, I can match my appetite and my mood
  • And the Honeymoon Butler Rondoval with Private Pool Sanctuary is the hopeless romantic’s dream hideaway

If you’re yearning for the over-water experience, then try the newly opened Royalton Antigua.  Family-friendly and luxurious, you can find stylish architecture and eclectic and delectable food. The overwater bungalows with their picture-perfect views of the Caribbean Sea are sure to pique your curiosity.

You deserve a honeymoon experience that has your signature all over it! Let us know your thoughts.

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A Honeymoon in Fiji and How you Can Make Full Use of it

A honeymoon Fiji should likely be on your bucket list

If you’re planning a honeymoon in Fiji, you’ll find a dazzling array of options to choose from. The Fiji Islands are some of the most beautiful tropical islands on earth. Additionally, there are dozens of resorts and even private islands that cater to couples who want a fairy-tale honeymoon.

It is important to know that a honeymoon to a destination like Fiji aren’t always idyllic. While temperatures rest in the 80s for most of the year, tropical storms (and torrential rain) are frequent between November and April which may not be ideal for passionate moonlit walks on the beach.

The best time to visit is usually between July and September when the weather is warm, dry and sunny. If your wedding is between these months, then a honeymoon in Fiji may be the perfect fit for you.

We want your honeymoon to be the most romantic experience you will ever had.

So, it is important to note that Fiji is a favorite vacation spot for families from (relatively) nearby Australia and New Zealand This may mean that your intimate evenings by the pool may be disrupted by active children. To help you get the best experience, it is suggested tht you opt for an adult-only resort that caters to couples in love.

Honeymoon in Fiji

There’s no one way to honeymoon in Fiji. Perhaps you want pure romance and luxury – total privacy and seclusion, just to indulge in each other’s company.

Or maybe you’d like a side of adventure, and would love to return home with his-and-hers SCUBA certifications to match your marriage certificate!

If you want to party, there are resorts in Fiji with nightclubs, 24-hour bars and an endless schedule of social events… again, the choice is yours, and again, working with romance travel expert will make the whole process simple for you.

Our approach to honeymoon planning is designed to take all the pressure off you – we’ll use our relationships and insider knowledge to find the perfect locations, secure the best value, and plan everything for you down to the last detail. You will show up and enjoy your romantic holiday, destination wedding or honeymoon without worrying about a thing.

When you use our services, your honeymoon in Fiji will be the romantic fairy-tale of your dreams… and all you’ll come back with will be happy memories of your extraordinary trip and a few souvenirs, never any nasty surprises (especially on the bill!)

Want to design your fairy-tale romance vacation? We can help so reach out to us if you have questions, comments or feedback.


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Identify your Ideal Honeymoon Location – the Easy Way

Choosing your ideal honeymoon location is a must

If you’re having difficulty choosing your ideal honeymoon location, you’re not alone. It is not as easy as it may seem because there are literally thousands of suitable options.


As you know, no two honeymoons are the same!

I got a little side-tracked with my postings but for a great reason…I’m designing three weddings within months of each other and I often slip into my daydream mode. I am so in love with “couples in love.”

One of the honeymoons I designed was to Greece with their first stop to Athens, then Mykonos and then the enchanting Santorini.

couple honeymoon on vacation Greece visisting Oia Santorini


To find your ideal honeymoon location, it is imperative that you’re able to sift through the noise and zoom in on what is right for you. Even as a travel professional, I literally get bombarded with hundreds of resorts who want to share their offers. I invest in hundreds of hours to educate myself on what may be the ideal honeymoon location for the clients I serve.

Your romance experience is about you and your personal tastes, lifestyle and budget. We all have a bucket list or that dreamy honeymoon or wedding location but…

Do they fit you?

Let’s take a popular scenario and how we can zoom into what may be a perfect fit.

John and Jane saw the amazing photos of the over-water villas and it is perfect for their honeymoon. Tahiti has been on their bucket list forever.


  • How much time do they have for travel?
  • Are they open to a flight and being in a coach seat for 14-18 hours?
  • How about jetlag? There is a 6-hour advance time difference?
  • Do they have a budget of about $15-20,000.00?


Consider the over-water villas in Mexico, Jamaica or St Lucia and enjoy a 2-3-hour travel time from Atlanta.

The price tag for these options in the Caribbean and Mexico may still be steep, however, you can do split stays to make the vacation more affordable. For example, if you are getting married and want that over-water villa experience, consider staying in a lower room category for the days leading up to the wedding and splurge on your wedding night.

So, your 7-day/6-night stay could be 3 night in the lower room and 3 nights in your own personal paradise.

To sweeten the deal, these options are all-inclusive and with a personal butler so you’re not coming up out of pocket for extras. This is not the same in the Maldives or Tahiti.

All-Inclusive Honeymoon

Does that mean you should not go to Tahiti?

Of course not!

But what it does mean is that you can customize your experience to meet your needs. You may have been to the Caribbean and Mexico and want to experience the culture of Tahiti and the many beautiful islands.

Palafitos Mexico

Not to mention that what works for another couple may not work for you. I personally don’t care for the long flights, so a 14-17-hour flight is a deal breaker for me. But you may not care what the Caribbean and Mexico has to offer and want to go to Tahiti…period!

Remember, it is all about you. As you ponder on your ideal destination, use a Honeymoon Planning Checklist to identify what is important to you and then use the results to craft your ideal destination and romance experience. If you don’t have a checklist of your own, no worries. Click here to download our specially designed one.

As always, reach out to us if you have questions, comments or feedback. We are here to serve you.


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