Learn how to get the most of your seaside wedding

So you think a Seaside Wedding is the “thang” huh?

I am hearing a common theme among couples – they want a wedding that is unique” …like a “Seaside Wedding.”

A Seaside Wedding!

Couple at Seaside Wedding

Are you among those who you want to do something extra-ordinary such as a seaside wedding?

I can’t blame you, a seaside wedding is a way to put your signature on your special day. Imagine saying your vows on top of a glacier in Alaska, under a canopy on a beautiful Caribbean beach or in a villa […] The post Learn How to Get the Most of Your Seaside Wedding appeared first on White Sand Travel.

Oh, so you want to do something extra-ordinary such as a seaside wedding?
I can’t blame you, a seaside wedding is a way to put your signature on your special day. Imagine saying your vows on top of a glacier in Alaska, under a canopy on a beautiful Caribbean beach or in a villa overlooking the stunning cliffs in Santorini.


Cool, here are some data on having an amazing seasid wedding.

couple celebrating their seaside wedding

Not Everyone has to Cruise

On many cruise lines you have the option to host your ceremony on board the ship at sea, in port on-board, or on shore. Your guests can meet you for the ceremony and celebration, on board or on shore, and then you and your new spouse can enjoy the rest of your cruise honeymoon.

It Is Cost Effective

Wedding accommodations including flowers, music, the venue, the officiant, and a photographer usually come as a package deal on board cruises. Depending on the options you select, your wedding could be just over $1,000 plus the cost of your wedding license and tickets aboard the cruise. (Some lines even waive wedding fees during certain times of year!)

Weddings on the Web

If you have friends or family who are unable to attend your wedding in person, many cruise lines are equipped to broadcast weddings over the internet for would-be guests to tune into at home, live! (They can do this, even if your wedding or renewal is being held in the middle of the ocean!)

ice carving at seaside wedding

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Discover the secret benefits of a private transfer

I love exclusive and upgraded services…such as private transfer

As a travel agent, it is my job to be as familiar with as many services as possible, so I can make the best recommendations to you. I have used both shared and private transfer but on my last trip to Jamaica, I decided that I will use private transfer in as many instances as I can.

Private transfer on vacation

Here are the reasons why I recommend a private transfer (especially for a honeymoon)

A couple days ago as I discussed honeymoon planning options to a bride, she had questions about round-trip airport transfers.

When you fly internationally, you need transfer services to take you from the airport to your accommodation and back again once your trip is complete. What kind of transfers should you purchase?

My top 5 reasons for a private transfer

1. Less stress– Using a private airport transfer service will reduce your travel anxiety. By having a driving company take you to and from your accommodation will make you feel much more comfortable and relaxed since the chances are that you are not familiar with how to get around

2. Getting lost– Your driver is a professional and is very familiar with the roads and how to get you to your destination. You can be confident that you will not get lost

Couple enjoying a private transfer

3. Comfort and reduced tension– When you book your transfer service beforehand you can be sure that you will receive a professional and courteous travelling experience. You will find your driver able to point out tourist attractions and give you a little history lesson as you drive by places of interest

4. Security and reliability– If you take public transport you will be surrounded by unknown individuals. Bags look alike and sometimes can be taken in error. A private transfer service keeps your bags safe while offering you the choice of a preferred vehicle according to your travelling needs

5: No waiting in line and dealing with paperwork: By using a private airport transfer service, there is a car waiting to pick you up immediately after you land, even if your flight is delayed. The driver is waiting with your name on a sign.

Traveling to a destination overseas should be as stress-free as possible. Consider the things that will enhance your experience.

Contact us to get help as you design your dream escape with amenities that will enhance your experience.


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Get more luxury resorts with luxury inclusions

Luxury resorts with luxury inclusions designed to impress

As you may already know, there is lots of luxury resorts with luxury inclusions in the Caribbean and Mexico. These resorts offer inclusions that are designed to dazzle and impress you. Everything you need is available, so your experience can be complete.

So, what do you know about these luxury resorts that offer more than the ordinary…they offer luxury inclusions a great value!

My son has a large vocabulary and he uses these words that have my mind wondering whatever does that word mean. To appear that I’m “in the know” I go along with the conversation but as soon as I can, I get on my device to get the meaning of the word.

Luxury included resort

Most of my clients want an “all-inclusive” experience…and they tell me that they do. I typically share with them what is included. But it never dawned on me that a list of inclusions would probably not be enough.

So, Mr. and Mrs. went off to a luxury resort in Jamaica and I felt confident that they would have a great time. I was excited when Mrs. called me to report on her trip (I get the warm and fuzzies when couples come back and gush over their amazing experience!) …I can’t help it! I am extremely passionate about what I do and I’m in the business of transforming lives.

So how was your trip, I asked.

“It was good. But my hubby only had 4 shrimps on his plate. That was disappointing. We thought we would have more to eat”.

Did you order more? You know you can eat at every single restaurant and you can have more than one entree, I said to her.

They were both unaware that they could have more than one dish or could eat whenever they wished.

If you looked up the word “all-inclusive,” Wikipedia defines it this way:

An all-inclusive resort is a holiday resort that includes a minimum lodging, three meals daily, soft drinks, most alcoholic drinks, gratuities, and possibly other services in the price. Many also offer sports and non-motorized water-sports and other activities that are included in the price as well.

At White Sand Travel, we work with top-rated resorts and you can expect “all-inclusive” to mean the following luxury inclusions:

Luxury included vacation St Lucia

Luxury Accommodations: Rooms and suites that can be as opulent and sexy as you can imagine and can include a dedicated concierge team or butler services

Gourmet Dining: Enjoy amazing cuisines from themed restaurants from around the world, by world-renowned chefs. Wine pairing makes the experience even more delectable.

Beverages: We’re talking unlimited premium spirits 24/7 at various locations on the resort…at dinner, at bars, swim-up bars or even in your room.

Entertainment: Daily themed shows and events ranging from fire-shows, big screen movies, live bands etc. You won’t be bored.

Activities: Non-motorized water-sports, includes scuba, snorkeling (some include lessons,) land sports such as tennis, basketball, racquetball etc.

Tipping: Tipping is at your discretion.

Luxury included vacation spa

You can do what I typically do…

Most often, I travel for 5-days/4-nights. I may have a choice of dining from 6-16 different restaurants (depending on the resort.) It’s very unlikely that I will be able to dine at all the restaurants, so I may have dinner at one and dessert at another.

I try to dine at as many different restaurants as possible. It may appear that the portions are small, but appetizers and drinks can really fill those spaces. And unlike my clients above, order two entrees…no one will tell you no or bring you an extra check.

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Secrets to get more on a beach honeymoon

Packing tips for your bespoke beach honeymoon

Is a beach honeymoon at the top of your list for top romantic travel options? But it’s hard to really enjoy yourself when you’re dragging around loads of stuff. This is the most romantic vacation you will ever take, so it’s important you spend the time to plan your honeymoon packing perfectly to ensure you get the best out of your trip and allow as much time as you can for romance. Also, by streamlining what you take to the beach to the essentials, you will have more time and freedom to enjoy yourselves as husband and wife (jumps for joy!)

Relax on your beach honeymoon

Planning: By planning your honeymoon in advance will help with packing the essential items you will need for your vacation without having to buy any extras. Remember to pack lots of suntan lotion, lip balm, a hat and sunglasses. Remember to wash off any salt water and re-apply suntan lotion once you have finished swimming.

Don’t forget how you will transport any wet clothing such as swimsuits or towels from the beach to your hotel. Ziplock bags and carrier bags are great for keeping wet items separate and you’d want to keep sandy clothing away from your clean clothes. Having a rucksack with inside pockets is handy for storing valuables such as phones and keys whilst keeping them dry.

Clothing: There are so many different types of beachwear available depending on what you want to do on the beach and how long you are traveling for. Will you be going swimming in the water, tanning on a sun bed, relaxing under an umbrella, sipping cocktails at the bar or doing all of the above?

Clothes should be light and breezy to allow you to remain cool and comfortable even when the temperature starts rising. Even though you’re on the beach, it’s always nice to remain fashion conscious and keeping up to date with the latest trends and accessories – even if it’s just for your vacation pictures.

Couple enjoying a beach honeymoon

Swimsuits are a must for any beach vacation and it is a good idea to pack a kaftan to cover-up with when the sun is at it’s hottest or you are not in the water. They are also great in the evenings when the weather is a little cooler and classy enough to be worn to evening meals.

Beach dresses are also a great alternative and are easy to slip on or off and are ideal as they can provide cover when not in the water whilst also helping prevent the skin from burning

Footwear: For your footwear, you want your feet to have as much freedom as possible and be able to breath. Open footwear such as sandals, flip-flops or swimming shoes will give your feet the support they need whilst protecting them from sharp objects that maybe lying around. Another benefit is they are easy to clean the sand out.

Lingerie: Romance is in the air for your honeymoon, and even though you’re at the beach, it’s a great idea to go shopping for some beautiful lingerie before you leave and have it at your fingertips for those fun nights at the resort room – just the two of you! Choose some pretty intimates such as panties, bras and knickers, and a few special pieces like chemise and nighties that will make you feel romantic and beautiful, as well as special and little bit naughty!

No matter where you’re travelling, and which beach you’re relaxing at, ensure you pack lightly and have lots of colorful beachwear with you to bring that sense of style and chic to your beach honeymoon.

By Kathryn Porritt

Kathryn Porritt is the owner of Bondi Lifestyle, your beach fashion online shop filled with a curated collection of kaftans, beach dresses and tunics to buy online inspired by Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach in Sydney. A celebrated author and an experienced stylist, Kathryn’s unique feminine beach style is brought to her customers through her beautiful online beach fashion collections that are shipped worldwide from Australia.

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Insider secrets on how travel makes you richer

What if I told you that despite the cost, travel makes you richer!

If you’re like me, the above quote rings like a church bell in your ears because travel lives in your blood. Yes…travel makes you richer!

I recently visited Jamaica and every time I go to that gorgeous island, I fall in love with it all over again! That place is just too sexy for me to stay away!!!

As soon as I get off the plane, I look for the Club Mobay rep holding a sign with my name on it so I can skip the Immigration and Custom lines and enjoy the private lounge until my driver is ready to take me to the resort. From the moment I step outside the doors of the airport, all the stress seems to fall off my shoulder as if it was like a bag that I’ve been carrying on my back forever.

I suck in the refreshing air, peek out the window (like a child going on their first trip) and marvel at the amazing blue waters and breath-taking views. In that moment, my mind says “I’m not going back home, I’m staying here…uhm forever!”

Jamaica has developed into a very sought after destination for vacations, honeymoons and destination weddings. With new highways, Club Mobay (for fast track through Immigration and Customs), I’m beginning to see why Delta Airlines have 5 flights out of Atlanta.

What do they know that we don’t?

Sandals Royal Caribbean

You’ve heard of Sandals Resorts, right?

But, I digress! Have you been paying attention to what’s happening with the Sandals Resorts? Million-dollar renovations, sexy bathrooms, romantic tranquility soaking tubs…etc, etc, etc.! Pretty soon, you start to realize that you don’t want just any honeymoon or any vacation…you want a Sandals honeymoon! You want a Sandals vacation!

One of my favorite resorts in Jamaica is Sandals Royal Caribbean. On this visit, I decided to be a bunny and hop around the island. First, was a stop in Negril where I stayed at Sandals Negril and then I was whisked off to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay. This resort has a few unique features – a private island, a nice cozy feel, hammocks, swings for two people in love and is the home of the first over-water bungalows… (those amazing villas are sold out until 2019) Smh!

But don’t despair, Sandals is build 15 new ones! You will not have to travel 14 hours or more to the Maldives.

What else is so special about Sandals Royal Caribbean?

  • Maybe you will enjoy the cultures from Britain to Bali
  • Majestic Georgian-style Great House, surrounded by manicured gardens and roaming peacocks
  • Casual poolside and beach-side pleasures beckon by day, chic parties, an authentic Thai restaurant, and island-style extravaganzas invite excitement by night
  • Stay at one, play at three exchange privileges
  • Romantic candlelit dinners and secluded spots for a romantic rendezvous

Romantic Dinner Sandals Royal Caribbean

Typically, I don’t enjoy traveling alone.

However, on this trip there were no such trepidation. I recall sitting on my patio of my gorgeous room (I resisted the temptation to pull my privacy shades and sit in the tranquility tub) and the peace I felt was so incredible that I didn’t want to go to eat breakfast.

I did make it for lunch and it honestly felt so idyllic as I sat under the hut of a wooden bench overlooking the ocean and listening to the waves crash against the shores. My lunch lasted 2.5 hours because the moment was just perfect! I forgot that I was alone.

What perfection are you looking for in your next vacation or your honeymoon? Let us know.

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