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Truths about a destination wedding that will excite you

A Destination Wedding would have been our choice

Destination WeddingHe had a local wedding but then again, he didn’t know the truth about a destination wedding. To this day, he said he he wish he knew more so he could have made a better choice. Many couples are feeling the same way.

But what kind of wedding are you interested in?

“Bae and I want “our” wedding and not “the” wedding I’ve been a bridesmaid at numerous times”

That is how the conversation between me and Tricia began.

Destination Weddings have become very popular in the past few years. You may choose to incorporate the beautiful and often exotic locations that are often seen on honeymoons into your wedding, inviting close family and friends for a romantic and exciting getaway.Destination Wedding

A destination wedding combines the location of the honeymoon with all aspects of the wedding –  ceremony, reception, luncheons, etc. to create a unique and intimate atmosphere for your family and friends.

So, what would make a destination right for you? Let’s look.

Advantages of Destination Wedding

Unique and Memorable Wedding Experience

  • You can be much more creative and can incorporate your personal tastes and styles into your wedding.
  • You can choose to have a religious ceremony and traditional wedding or choose to do something different and make it completely your own with a symbolic wedding.
  • Even for tastes that are traditional, a destination wedding will be unlike any other wedding – it will be totally unique to you.

Once in a Lifetime Reunion

  • Because the guests consist of very close friends and family from each stage of your life, it presents the feeling of a mini reunion with everyone in one magical place for the purpose of celebrating the wedding
  • Your wedding will not only be a vacation for many, but also a reunion

One-on-One Time with Guests

  • Destination weddings tend to be smaller in size and much more intimate so there is more time for you to interact with guests
  • They also tend to last a few days, giving you and your new spouse plenty of opportunity for everyone to mingle

Cost Effectiveness

  • As the guest list shrinks, so will your costs of the wedding as there will be less guests to cater for
  • Alternatively, as the guest list shrinks, you may be able to spend more for a lavish event

Grooms Like to Get Involved

  • Whether it is deciding on gift bags or coordinating guest outings, your husband-to-be will be likely to become more involved in destination wedding planning
  • Specifically, he may enjoy organizing the smaller events such as day outings and happy hour mixers

Start the Honeymoon Early

  • The honeymoon starts as soon as you are pronounced husband and wife and you can decide when that “honeymoon” begins
  • You may decide to stay at the same resort for both the wedding and honeymoon or venture to a new location to spend the time in honeymoon bliss


  • The wedding and photographs present stunning visions with the backdrop of the beautiful ocean, luscious and exotic fauna and foliage
  • The wedding becomes infused with the culture of another country which serves to enrich the entire experience for you and your guests
  • The world is full of breathtaking views and historic places, but only a select few are right for a destination wedding
  • You can choose a wedding location that will truly dazzle even your well-traveled guests and make them feel like it was worth the trip.

Destination WeddingA Destination Wedding Reduces Stress

The simplicity in planning a destination wedding is quite an advantage. It reduces the stress you may have as you can work with a local destination wedding planner who will act as your liaison with the on-site wedding coordinator to make everything work flawlessly.

A destination wedding planner can be an enormous asset in engineering your guest travels so everything fits together like hand in glove.  Overall, the advantages of having your wedding in a foreign location far outweighs the disadvantages but as always, contact your travel specialist for help.

Latoya and Johnathan are a real wedding. They got married in Montego Bay Jamaica and I had the distinct pleasure of helping them plan their amazing experience.

Maybe you’re ready to plan your signature wedding. I can help. Call me at 770.469.7370 today so you can get started.

Destination Wedding

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Destination wedding tips that will make you more creative

Do you have these Destination Wedding tips in your arsenal?

Destination WeddingA destination wedding is when you choose to have your nuptials at least 100 miles from where you currently live. Although there are many perks to choosing a symbolic, exotic location, you may be worried about whether you can actually pull off a long-distance wedding.  As experts in the destination wedding industry, we would like to share with you some great benefits about having a wedding in a destination away from your hometown.

1. You can have a wedding as unique and authentic as your partnership.
More than 2 million American couples get married each year according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Of those, only 24% were destination weddings in 2013. For better or for worse, the location of your wedding determines its mood. (Are you feeling more rustic, beachy, or sophisticated?) Although it may feel like sacrilege to admit, formal white weddings aren’t for every couple. Would you rather get married in the same local, dull venues that your friends did – or would you rather have a memorable wedding that leaves guests breathless?

2. It IS possible have a cost-effective, virtually stress-free wedding.
It sounds too good to be true, but trust us! If you give a destination wedding planner who specializes in destination wedding planning the location, you have in mind and your ideas you’ll be surprised how quickly the pieces can fall into place. Wedding planners in this area of expertise will be familiar with the requirements for marriage licenses in other countries and will be sure to get all of your paperwork in line. That is on top of making all arrangements with the necessary vendors from florists and caterers to stylists and venues. The best part is that you’ll be saving money while you do it! Often the flight, wedding, and week-long honeymoon afterwards are thousands of dollars less than what it costs to get married at home! An average 150 guest wedding in the states runs upwards of $22,000. In larger cities, expenses are more about $40,000 – and that doesn’t even include the wedding!Destination Wedding

3. You can choose somewhere significant to you

  • Is your favorite vacation spot together in the Caribbean? (Book a Caribbean wedding!)
  • Did you get engaged in Paris? (Get married in the city of love!)
  • What do you love to do? Identify that and make that the theme of your wedding.
    (Have your wedding in California wine country if you enjoy wine tastings, in Colorado if you’re ski fanatics!)

The possibilities are endless! Having a destination wedding is a great opportunity to make sure to have memories that you treasure.

4. This is a once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Reconnect
A typical wedding and reception generally consists of the ceremony and then a few hours of reception. What this usually amounts to is the you and your new spouse making rounds to greet each guest, thank them for coming, and then zip off again to thank and greet the next set of guests. Destination weddings, on the other hand, usually last a few days. You arrive, complete the necessary paperwork and then relax with friends, family, and your soon to be spouse. It’s the ideal bonding retreat, and the best part is that it’s in a beautiful destination of your choice!

Destination Wedding5. Your Wedding is a Vacation for Your Guests, too
Choosing a destination wedding often means that you choose to have a more intimate wedding with fewer guests. Of course, with a destination wedding you run the risk that some of your close friends and family may not be able to attend. Fortunately, you can avoid this by announcing your plans early. This gives your family time to plan and budget for the trip to be sure they can attend. If cost for guests is a concern, remember that your wedding planner in this case will also be functioning as a travel agent! He or she should be able to negotiate group rates for your guests’ airfare and hotel expenses and help you and your spouse to be arrange activities for your guests once they arrive. For those few guests who are unable to attend, you can always throw a post wedding party to show photos and celebrate when you return.

Overall, try to think of a destination wedding as a fun adventure for you to enjoy with your friends, family, and partner! As soon as the ceremony is over, your honeymoon can begin.

White Sand Travel is a boutique travel agency whose primary objective is to combine romance and luxury travel for optimum getaways, destination weddings, and honeymoons. Our friendly travel experts have over 25 years of experience and would be eager to speak with you about making your dreams come true! Contact us today at 770.469.7370.

Destination Wedding

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A beach wedding will make you get super excited

If I got married again, I would want a beach wedding…

Beach WeddingAs a part of my on-going education as a Certified Destination Wedding Planner, I am required to visit resorts and learn about their destination and beach wedding offerings. During my visit, I couldn’t help but gasp in delight at every single wedding I witnessed. They all had something unique that set them apart from the other wedding and it certainly displayed how creative you can be in making their wedding uniquely your own. As I looked on, I couldn’t help going back into my memory of my own wedding and smiled as I could picture what I would do differently. What is your vision for your beach wedding? If I could do it all over again, I would choose a beach wedding over my traditional wedding.

So, what’s so special about a Beach Wedding?

There are few things more serene than the rolling splashes of the ocean against the sandy shores of the exotic resort you have chosen for your beach wedding.  Combine that with the picturesque view of the water fading into the sky above, it isn’t any wonder why you choose to make your big day a beach wedding. There is something poetic about committing fully to the person you love in a location where the natural elegance is nearly equal to the beauty of your affection for one another.

Weather -Both the time of day of your wedding as well as the time of the year can make a huge difference as to whether or not the event goes off without a hitch with perfect, ambient lighting or sends your guests running to escape harsh temperatures or rain. Even if your planned times are correct, it is important to also have a “Plan B” indoor location mapped out. (Having a wedding planner can ensure that you have a convenient secondary location and also that you don’t have to relay location information to guests and officiants when you should be getting ready!).Beach Wedding

Bride & Groom Attire – As a bride, if you want a lengthy wedding gown with a long train, you may want to think long and hard about choosing to have your wedding on the beach. Making your way down the aisle in a full dress and train is much easier when you have an aisle to work with but not on the beach! The same thing can be said for high heels, which are better suited for an indoor reception than the actual ceremony when sand is involved. Finally, large veils can be cumbersome on the inevitably windy coast. You may need to need to skip the big veil entirely – opting for floral hair accents or a small birdcage veil instead.
For you grooms, you aren’t completely off the hook, either. Choose an acceptable alternative in a lighter, breathable material such as cotton and a cooler color such as tan.

 Decorations & Flowers – Appearance will not be the primary consideration when choosing which flowers should adorn the bouquet and ceremony of an outdoor, beach wedding. Flowers need to be chosen which can sustain heat and wind well. Having a wedding planner who is familiar with your destination or local to the area will help with this, but if you are selecting flowers yourself please voice these concerns to your florist. The last thing you want is to arrive and find that the flowers are wilted from the heat or missing petals due to wind. Another concern is your decorations disappearing entirely, so make sure that any archways or urns containing flowers are anchored properly. We will be the liaison between you and your choice of resorts to ensure that all your needs are met.

Beach WeddingGuests – Without your friends and family your big day wouldn’t be complete, so remember them when planning the ceremony. Take into consideration the walking distance between parking areas and the wedding site when choosing the location of your wedding. Long stretches of beach are beautiful, but may be difficult for members who may have health or disabilities. If you intend to have greeters or ushers at your ceremony, it would be a good idea to provide sun screen for them as well as bug repellent if insects are an issue at your chosen location. Last, but not least, be sure that you send out clear instructions to your guests about where to park and how to find your wedding site. What might seem like unnecessary details will prove invaluable for anyone traveling in from out of town.

Every wedding requires planning and dedication of everyone involved to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch (pun unintended). It should be no surprise that beach weddings are not an exception to this rule, and have a few requirements of their own. However, if you keep the above thoughts in mind when planning your wedding then you will be a bit closer to a successful ceremony.

Want to get some tips on destination weddings? Click here.

White Sand Travel is a boutique travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide the ultimate honeymoon planning and destination wedding planning service for busy couples who want to experience the luxury of romance without having to plan the details on their own.  We live by our motto “Imagine + Go.”

We are experts so call us at 770.469.7370  to plan this incredible event in your life.

Destination Wedding


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Wedding favors that make you feel more excited

What’s on your list for Wedding Favors?

Wedding FavorsWhen we attend weddings, we enjoy witnessing the ceremony and having fun at the reception. But let’s face it, we are often times drawn to some of the unique things about the setup of the reception areas such as the candelabra, table centerpiece. With every wedding there are a few standards, rather unfortunate truths.

Click here to read our article on Destination Wedding Truths.

  • Most women in heels will abandon them before stepping onto the dance floor
  • The dresses worn by the Bridal party will probably never again see the light of day
  • Unless you distribute something good, your kitschy-cute wedding favors you lovingly selected will probably be (perhaps guiltily) tossed in the garbage shortly after the ceremony

If you would rather at least one of these things doesn’t happen for your wedding, take a moment to review our list of the White Sands Travel Top Five DIY Wedding Favors. We have taken extra care to ensure that the list includes budget-  friendly, simple to create favors that your guests will love and use! (Don’t forget to check out the bonus link at the bottom for free, downloadable labels you can use to customize your favors to your wedding.)

  1. Lip Balm
    It is all but scientific fact that more ChapStick ® and lip balms are lost than are finished each year. Help combat the problem by providing your guests with this ultra-simple to make lip balm from The Glitter Diaries [Link –]. (The recipe is only two ingredients and takes only a few minutes to prepare… Including the time it takes you to buy the ingredients!)
  2. S’More KitsWedding Favor
    This is an adorable (and delicious) idea for your guests. Who doesn’t like a good s’more? Even if you aren’t having a woodsy wedding like the blogger from A Crafted [ Link – ] you can make these delicious, easily customizable favors that your guests are sure to enjoy.
  3. Candles
    DIY candles are the ultimate in DIY gifts. You can never have too many candles, and they make perfect wedding favors because they are so simple to customize. You can choose the scents you feature based on your wedding’s theme, and colors based on the palette you’ve selected for your wedding. Perfection! (Floral scents would be perfect for spring and summer weddings, while pumpkin and nutmeg are a good combination for fall weddings, and of course cinnamon and peppermint are obvious winter wedding choices!) The lovely lady between Bonzai Aphrodite [link – ] made her candles for gifts in small shot glasses in her Crockpot. This is a favored recipe because her short process bypasses the “handling boiling water and wax” steps of other tutorials.
  4. Have a Cookie or Candy Buffet
    The recurring theme here is customization and things with literal flavor. For a real DIY feel, you can make the cookies or candies yourself, but if you’re short on time you may find just as much satisfaction in arranging the jars or plates of treats yourself and setting up your selection of “take out” containers. Your guests aren’t obligated to take treats that they aren’t interested in or any if they aren’t able to have sweets, and those who do will likely make up for anyone who turns down your offering. You can find adorable take out containers from Oriental Trading Company in every color imaginable to match your wedding’s palette, or you can customize them with a photo of you and your beloved [Link – or, if you’d prefer more eco-conscious options Papermart also has a wide variety of take out containers [Link – ]
  5. Soap
    Although it may not be the flashiest favor idea, it is certainly practical and is something you won’t mind keeping any extras. (The same might not be said of the cookie/candy buffet remains…) If you don’t have experience making soap, the experts over at Savvy Homemade suggest making Castile Soap because it is relatively simple, and we like it because their simple recipe [Link – ] can easily be doubled up if you expect a larger number of guests.

Wedding Favorinally, Popsugar has created a list of 59 free printable wedding favor labels and monogram sets. If you want to create DIY favors but still want to have stylish favors, we highly recommend you check out this link – – for their free labeling resources. They also offer a few favor ideas, so if you still aren’t entirely sure about what you would like to distribute, check out some of their suggestions.

White Sand Travel is a boutique agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings and romantic getaways that are “just because”! We plan each detail of your trip around your dreams and personal lifestyle. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We hope that your experience working with us will allow you to have firsthand knowledge of why our motto is “Imagine + Go.”

We are experts so call us at 770.469.7370  to plan this incredible event in your life.

Wedding Favors

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Learn how to save more with a Jamaica wedding

Thinking about a Jamaica wedding?

Jamaica WeddingWedding professionals from all over, rate Jamaica as one of the top wedding locations in the world for your  destination wedding. You can combine your Jamaica wedding with a fantastic honeymoon to make the wedding of a lifetime without spending a fortune. There are literally dozens of fantastic all-inclusive beach resorts & hotels that offer amazing packages for wedding couples. And, if you want to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches in Jamaica, opt for the very popular Jamaican Beach Wedding. You will find that many resorts offer beach weddings or garden weddings with beach views, often within the resort itself.

When you close your eyes, and imagine your Jamaica Wedding, you should probably have a vision of a serene, calming atmosphere on beach somewhere. You should probably see waves kissing the ocean, white sand beaches and gorgeous foliage. The island is one of the most popular places in the Caribbean for weddings. Happy couples choose to get married in Jamaica because of the beautiful scenery and stunning views of the lofty mountains and beautiful fauna. For the most part, almost every resort in Jamaica does dozens of weddings every month so they can handle all of the details. The first decision should be “at which resort do you want to be married?” You may opt to get married at one resort and honeymoon at the other – an experience that might add even more variety and excitement to the occasion. Keep in mind that some resorts cater to children while others don’t allow kids. Some adult resorts may still allow you to have kids attend the wedding ceremony, but they will not be permitted to occupy a room there.

Get some amazing wedding tips, by clicking here.

Legal RequirementsJamaica Wedding

Visitors can be married just 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica, providing prior application has been made for a marriage license. The great news is that you do not need to take blood tests.

You will need to apply for a marriage license before you arrive (apply 2-3 months ahead of time to be safe). The cost of the license is approximately $60-65 US. Here is a guide of the documents you will need:

  •  Proof of citizenship – certified copy of birth certificate
  • Parent’s written consent if you’re under the age of 18
  • If you’re divorced, an original certificate of divorce as proof
  • Widow(ers), need a certified copy of the deceased spouse’s death certificate

Jamaica WeddingSuggested Resorts for Jamaica wedding

Sandals Resorts: A Sandals WeddingMoon marries the wedding and the honeymoon, so after you’ve exchanged your vows, you can begin your happily ever after. Romance abounds at the resorts made for love, and you’ll find endless ways to enjoy your time together, from suites so exotic and romantic, they are named “Love Nests Dream Suites”, to intimate dining beneath the moonlit sky, hand-in-hand strolls along the beach, and every land and water sport under the sun. Best of all, it’s all included.

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande:  At the Moon Palace, you never have to settle for a cookie-cutter ceremony. We know the secrets to creating an ideal day for couples like you, incorporating traditions from around the world, or creating a few new traditions all your own. And we’ll make sure it feels that way, down to the tiniest linen-wrapped detail. From color-coordinated flowers to customized reception décor, if you can dream it, we can make it real.

Couples Resorts:  One of my very favorite hotel chain in Jamaica is Couples Resorts.  Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away are located in nearby Negril and is the quintessential for all-inclusive romantics. This plush hotel caters exclusively to traditional couples only and is situated on 1000 feet of white sand beach. Their slogan is quite accurately stated – “love is all you need”. Romance is everywhere at Couples-on the beach, in the dining. Couples Resort deserves its own red ribbon. You’re in for outrageously wonderful days when you get married in Jamaica.

White Sand Travel is a boutique agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings and romantic getaways that are “just because”! We plan each detail of your trip around your budget and dreams and do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We live by our motto and hope that you will “Imagine + Gowith us! You don’t have to plan all the details yourself, you can do the things you enjoy and let us do the heavy lifting.

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to plan your Jamaica wedding that others will envy.

Destination Wedding

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The top 5 reasons a weddingmoon could be right for you

They Married the Wedding and the Honeymoon to give you the WeddingMoon

The first question we’re asked when we question couples about whether they have considered a Weddingmoon is usually “What is a Weddingmoon?” To be fair, the idea behind a Weddingmoon is young, and many people outside of the travel industry or those who have just begun wedding planning may not have heard the term before. When you break the concept down, it’s simple and is essentially what it sounds like.

The Weddingmoon concept was originally coined by Sandals Resorts. It signifies that you have a destination wedding and your honeymoon at the same all-inclusive resort. What that means for you when you choose to have a Weddingmoon is that you have the perfect combination of an expertly planned vacation with your closest friends and family, a destination wedding and your honeymoon all in one beautifully bundled package. The best part? You only plan one event!

…Still not convinced it is right for you?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons a Weddingmoon Could be Right for You – whether you’re about to become a newlywed or you are renewing your vows.

WeddingMoons are the MOST CONVENIENT option if you are planning a wedding/vow renewal and honeymoon.

 Weddingmoons are beyond simple convenience for a variety of reasons.

  1. You only must plan once. Choose your destination and how long you will stay, select a wedding package, and decide on the way you want to customize your wedding to your personal lifestyle and tastes and boom! You’re almost there.
  2. You don’t have to find a travel agent AND a wedding planner. (Or, if you were planning on going the DIY route for either a domestic or destination wedding: You don’t have to find a wedding venue, find a venue for the reception, choose music for the ceremony and then for the reception, find someone to perform the ceremony, find a caterer, find a florist, choose from their offerings, secure accommodations for guests traveling in from out of town, choose a destination, book accommodations, book flights, book transferring flights, book shuttles to the resort/hotel, look up what travel documents you will need, secure those travel documents, make meal arrangements… and even more!)

Destination WeddingA WeddingMoon allows you to experience the utmost in relaxation

One of the best parts about having a Weddingmoon is knowing that once you arrive at the resort that everything is planned by experts and you can relax and start your vacation before the wedding day. The only thing you need to focus on is not focusing at all! Sandals resorts are designed with love and romance in mind, which means that they are the perfect setting to enjoy your family, friends, and future life partner. You can successfully indulge in one another’s company and let the wedding planner/coordinator take care of everything you need while you’re there.

A WeddingMoon makes budgeting a snap

With a WeddingMoon you what to expect know before you leave on your trip. Everything from airfare, shuttling to and from the resort, to activities while you are away being planned for you in advance. When booking your Weddingmoon experience you are aware of any extra costs which are required for any adventures you might have while away, so that even additional costs can be planned for in advance. Take the guesswork out of wedding and honeymoon planning!

WeddingMoon experiences at Sandals resorts allow dining around the world

Although you may choose to spend your wedding and honeymoon in a tropical locale, you have a myriad of dining options at your disposal. French, Italian, Asian… All these restaurant options and more are available to Sandals resorts guests. Best of all? Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets can be catered to, as can food allergies. Never feel restricted by your dietary needs while on your WeddingMoon!

Your WeddingMoon, your way!

From the color and style of the bouquet to the type of suite you and your special someone spend your stay in, Sandals resorts let you choose every detail – you are free to make changes and upgrades to ensure that your magical day (and those that follow!) are everything you have been dreaming of. Although you may simplify the planning and accounting process, you will never feel as though you are cutting corners when you book a Weddingmoon experience.

White Sand Travel is a boutique travel agency whose primary objective is to combine romance and luxury travel for optimum getaways, destination weddings, and honeymoons. Our friendly travel experts have over 25 years of experience and would be eager to speak with you about making your dreams come true!

Contact us at 770.369.7370 to design your WeddingMoon.

Sandals WeddingMoon

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Learn how to find the best destination wedding location

What is the best destination wedding location?

My specialty is to help you find the ideal destination wedding location for your ah-mazing wedding! Not so long ago I was that bride. Today, as I think about my own wedding planning, I laugh…heartily!  I was stressed and almost out of my mind with worry! So many details…so many uncertainties.

To reduce the stress and expenses associated with choosing a wedding dress, I borrowed my sister-in-law’s dress (she got married in May and my wedding was in September). To cut expenses, my friend and I made my wedding cake as well as some of the food preparation the day before.  Two of my friends did the photography and my uncle assumed the duties of a limo driver lol!

The day of the wedding, I drove from the hair salon to my maid of honor’s house where the entire bridal party got dressed. Then we drove to the church…by which time my hair started to fall and get damp (it was Jamaica and hot).

After the ceremony which was about 30 minutes, we found places for pictures and then drove to the reception location…more hot temps. From the reception we drove to the hotel for the night before we drove again to our honeymoon. I was exhausted.  I cannot recall what the food tasted like or even what my cake tasted like. I needed at least a day to unwind before I could even enjoy the start of my honeymoon.

That was years ago, and my tastes and knowledge have changed. If I was planning my wedding today, it would be a destination wedding on the beach of either Mexico or the Caribbean.

I had the pleasure of designing a destination wedding for my family friends Tamara and Jerald. I also attended the wedding as a guest. It was amazing! It was easy! It was stress-free and most of all, ALL the guests had fun – they had a fantastic vacation!

Why are destination weddings so easy and so fun? Take Tamara and Jerald’s experience as an example:

  • For Tamara and Jerald, their wedding was simple and easy. After months of us interacting and working with the details of the wedding with the onsite wedding coordinator, they showed up in Jamaica and met with Keisha, their onsite wedding coordinator.
  • Keisha has insider knowledge as to what will work best such as location set-up, backup plans, seating arrangements etc. She was able to take care of and arrange meetings with the photographer, baker, florist, minister etc.
  • Tamara and Jerald arrived at the resort and after a few short meetings, they are able to sign the papers and begin to enjoy the time on the resort until the day of the wedding. They chartered a boat and went to Margarita Ville where they had a blast with some of the other wedding guests.

In addition to being simple, there was no family drama. Everyone who came to the wedding, invested time and money and were the most intimate with the couple. Fifty people carry much less drama than 250 family members and friends who may have their own feelings towards the wedding and the couple.

Click here to learn more about destination weddings.

  • The entire time we were at the resort, guests continued to communicate about how gorgeous the resort was and the wonderful time they were having. Everyone had their own agenda of fun and ventured off to the beach, the pool, the bar etc. with one goal in mind: have fun
  • What was even more noticeable, no one was reaching into their pockets to pay for food and drinks. The general feeling was that they were there for a vacation…an all-inclusive vacation. The most anyone did in terms of spending was put a few dollars on the table for tip for good service and they were happy to do that
  • Tamara and Jerald got upgraded to an amazing honeymoon suite and enjoyed all sorts of amenities without the extra cost of a honeymoon in another destination. That was a benefit that they didn’t see coming…the best part, it was a complimentary upgrade
  • For the couple, the cost of the wedding in Jamaica was a fraction of the cost if they got married in Atlanta. They tipped well (at their discretion) because everything was well worth it …it was simple, it was easy…it was stress-free

On the day of the wedding, the bridal party gathered in one location. They bonded together doing hair and makeup without the stress of driving from one location to the other. As the guests gathered on the beach, the wedding location could not have been more spectacular. The backdrop of the ocean, the powdery sand beneath our feet was nothing short of dreamy. Some guests choose to wear sandals, flip flops or some were clad in just their bare feet. We mostly wore casual attire which made for a relaxed feel. Compare that with gowns, high heels, suits and ties and the ambiance had a sort of casual and sexy feel that made the guests want to take a splash in the ocean instead of getting into a car to find the reception venue.

Our evening ended with a private reception. There was no one sitting for long…everyone was up and dancing including the wait staff who were invited to participate in the festivities. I have not seen a wedding more fun.

Where would I get married if I had to do it again? Without a doubt…on the island of Jamaica or in Mexico.

Contact us today at 770.469.7370 to start planning your fairy-tale wedding!

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Discover the amazing value of palace resorts

Fall in love with the Palace Life at Palace Resorts

I call it the Palace Life. Why? Because, I feel like a princess when I’m at any of the Palace Resorts.

If you conducted a search for honeymoon resorts, you are likely to get over 110 million hits. There are literally tons of them that are wooing couples like you to spend the first days of your life together as man and wife with them. So, the question becomes, how do you choose what is right for you?

Maybe you want to experience “The Palace Life”…be spoiled!

As we have talked about time and time again, your choice of honeymoon resort will come right down to your lifestyle, personal tastes and budget.  Some years ago, I was introduced to the Palace Resorts in Mexico and fell in love with glossy pictures of the resorts. But, since then, I have had the pleasure of staying at the resorts and highly recommend them to many couples. So far, not one negative report.

Why do I like or recommend the Palace Resorts? Pretty simple…they know how to make me feel pampered and special.

With eight oceanfront resorts overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Palace Resorts sets the highest standards for all-inclusive vacations in Mexico and in Jamaica. These resorts offer luxurious and spacious accommodations accentuated by signature in-room double whirlpools, world-class entertainment, the Caribbean’s most extravagant spas and premier Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses.  Palace Resorts offers a truly exceptional and unparalleled levels of experience for travelers, especially honeymooners. This makes Palace Resorts a leading provider of world-class resort vacations.  Here’s a look at 4 of my favorite Palace Resort in Mexico.

Le Blanc Spa Resort 

Le Blanc Spa Resort is Cancun is an elegant resort that offers a world class experience. Be prepared to have an experience of sophisticated style, lavish personal attention and uncompromising attention to detail. Le Blanc is an AAA Five Diamond, adult-only, all-inclusive provides exclusive amenities, personalized service (including Butler Service on every floor), a world class and a truly breathtaking beach.

Sun Palace

Sun Palace is the perfect retreat from the everyday stress. This oasis for couples lies along the coast overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea.  Enjoy this old favorite in a whole new way. A stunning coast line serves as a dramatic backdrop for this recently renovated resort featuring 252 richly appointed guestrooms. Five restaurants and three bars cater to a full range of tastes and moods.

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

The minute you enter your guest room you’ll be primed for luxury. A refreshing breeze sails over your private balcony and a Jacuzzi built for two entices you to stay indoors. If marriage is in your plans, Moon Palace’s opulence combined with its exotic surroundings creates the perfect setting for such a special moment. Choose from our wedding packages the one that best suits your needs.

Isla Mujeres Palace

Isla Mujeres with its scenic views, tranquil beaches, marine parks, and sculptured cliffs, is nature at its best. Small and luxurious, this all-inclusive couples-only resort is sure to guarantee a private and relaxed stay. Isla Mujeres Palace reunites all these qualities throughout its 62 rooms and facilities. Everything in this cozy property has been designed to please the most discerning traveler.


Stay 3 nights or more at any Palace Resort or 4 nights at Le Blanc and get a complimentary honeymoon package and up to $1500.00 in resort credit. Complimentary honeymoon includes:

  • Mini honeymoon cake
  • Bottle of sparkling wine
  • Complimentary Honeymoon dinner at selected restaurants
  • Two honeymoon t-shirts
  • Breakfast in bed (upon request)


Destination wedding have many wonderful benefits that you may not have considered before. They are much simpler to plan and execute.

 Now you can turn your special day into lavish, ultra-stylish affair that will make memories sure to last a lifetime. Choose between nine customizable wedding collections with every possible inclusion, at an unbelievable all-inclusive price. Your wedding comes compliments of Palace resorts with at least a 4 day/3-night stay and includes valuable amenities which includes but are not limited to.

  • Wedding ceremony location
  • Bridal Bouquet of 20 Roses
  • Themed Boutonniere
  • Themed wedding cake
  • Justice of the Peace or Minister to perform legal, symbolic or vow-renewal ceremonies
  • 30 White Avant-garde chairs
  • Sparkling wine during ceremony
  • One dinner reservation for up to 30 guests
  • $100 USD coupon redeemable for Dream Art packages of $700 USD to $1,999 USD, or a $200 USD coupon redeemable for Dream Art packages of $2,000 USD or more.
  • Breakfast in bed the morning after the ceremony
  • Complimentary Honeymoon Package
  • Services of a Wedding Coordinator

Test Drive Your Wedding

Here’s an amazing deal for you – a special rate for a 3-night stay (4-night stay if you’re staying at Playacar Palace) at one of Palace Resort’s select properties. If you decide to book your wedding with Palace Resorts, your visit is free! That’s right. So go ahead, take a few days to meet your team, pick a reception menu, or lock down your flower choices.

White Sand Travel is a boutique travel agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings, and romantic getaways. We plan each detail of your trip around your budget and dreams and do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We live by our motto and hope that each of our clients can just “Imagine + Go.”

Call us today at 770.469.7370 to get started.

Destination Wedding

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Learn how to design your exclusive romantic escape

Let’s talk about planning…planning your exclusive romantic escape

How long have you been dreaming about planning your special day? Maybe your honeymoon or wedding or your exclusive romantic escape?

I always seem to wake up with creative ideas about how to plan these special moments.  It’s such a sexy business and I am passionate about it.

It’s Wednesday and I call it Wonderful Wednesday!


I really don’t know, but it sounds cute, lol.

Plus, it’s my birthday so that makes it super cool, …woohoo! Let’s get this honeymoon or wedding planning discussion on the road…

Luxury Honeymoon PlanningToday, I’m doing something different. I’m talking to you one-and-one without all the politically correct jargon and protocols that makes everything look and sound “correct”.  I don’t really like all the “perfection stuff”.


Because I want you to know who I truly am, and I am so NOT perfect. I want you to see me without all the fluff that comes with the need to present the “perfect” image. Life isn’t perfect.

Can we talk?

Like some real talk?

Who am I? What am I about?

Are you wondering who is this person behind the emails? If I were in your shoes, I would be! Let’s just be honest here. Why should you read this email and possibly reach out to me for help?

You want to know:

  1. a) Do I know what I am doing
  2. b) Can you trust me
  3. c) What is my track record and what can I do for you…. plus, plus, plus….

One reason that I’m taking this approach today is because I woke up to this email message.  Here is what it said:

Dreams Come True

 “Judith uses her God given gifts to make our dreams come true! The Lord led us to her for sure when she helped us book our dream. We wanted to go to Tahiti for our honeymoon, but everyone told us there was no way with the time and money we had.

Judith made it work and it was one of the most amazing adventures we have ever had together. Everything was perfect. Since then she books all our travel and is now a dear friend.

We recommend her to everyone.

She really takes the time to know us, answer all our questions, get us a great deal, make great recommendations, etc. Judith is amazing!”  

That’s the real me. The me that I want you to know, behind the politically correct emails. I CARE…I take time to listen and get to know you. Your special event is important to me!

Straight up, I made a lot of mistakes with my wedding and honeymoon plans. I look back at pictures of my wedding now and thank God for my sense of humor because that wedding was “jacked up”.  My hair was a mess, the venue was hot, we had all kinds of onlookers in the background, just messy…. lol!

And, I didn’t make up for it with my honeymoon. Lord, my honeymoon was such a disappointment. I did so little research. It’s like a light bulb went off in my head about 3 weeks before the wedding and I realized there were no honeymoon plans…Duh!

I started scrambling (if your spouse-to-be is like mine), all this wedding planning stuff is not their cup of tea so they’re not looking at details and ways to make this an unforgettable moment. It’s more like “how much money do we have to spend on the honeymoon” …. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Like the uneducated traveler that I was at the time, I remember passing by the nice-looking resort, so I looked up the cost for 3 nights. It fit into our budget and the place “looked” nice. Lo and behold, we checked in and after night 2, we were ready to go home. Look at our honeymoon haven, lol.  AND…this is an updated pic. Lol.

What are you truly looking for? What kind of honeymoon experience fits your lifestyle and personal tastes?

Read my blogs and see why I would recommend the Caribbean or Mexico for your honeymoon or destination wedding or feel free to let me know what you would like.

Let’s be clear, you can plan your special event yourself or I can do it for you. I will bet my bottom dollar that I can save you time and money and design an experience that will be in line with who you are…what you want your honeymoon to represent.

Call us at 770.469.7370 to design your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience.

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Discover the hidden secrets of a FamilyMoon®

What is a FamilyMoon® and who should consider it?

Sandals Resort has coined the phrase FamilyMoon® It is when your wedding unites two families, “I do” becomes “We do.”

Sometimes a marriage doesn’t just bond two people in love. In those cases, weddings create full families. Many who get married after having children or who have children from previous partnerships choose to involve their children in their wedding ceremony. Those same tightly knit, newly-formed family units are then faced with a dilemma. Should the kids go on the honeymoon, or stay with a relative until the parents return? Many newlywed parents opt to take their children on a family-oriented honeymoon, or FamilyMoon®, which will allow the couple and children to bond more fully as they embrace their new roles.

For families who have children, it’s often less “I do” than it is “we do” when vows are exchanged, which makes the FamilyMoon® a wonderful opportunity to unite and enjoy each other’s company.

Click here to get some tips on planning a destination wedding.

Thankfully there are as many FamilyMoon® destinations in exotic locations as there are all-inclusive resorts designed for couples. Beaches resorts are our favorites, as they have similar amenities to their adults-only sister resorts, but they also provide additional activities and resources for children. It’s important to them that everyone in your family have a wonderful honeymoon experience. There is an art to planning an effortless family vacation, and all-inclusive resorts like Beaches have all you would need and more.

Some of our favorite locations for honeymoons and romantic travel are Turks & Caicos; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; and Negril, Jamaica and all 3 have family friendly, all-inclusive resorts. These are resorts which feature kids’ camps, Sesame Street characters and activities, waterparks, Xbox play lounges, Scratch DJ Academy which teaches essential song mixing skills, and a variety of water and land sports to keep the whole family entertained. (Not to mention the same romantic offerings you would expect at any other all-inclusive honeymoon accommodations – such as candlelit dinner services, adult-only nightclubs for after the kids are in bed, spa treatments and massages, and more!)

Whether you have babies and toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens – you are sure to have an invigorating, rejuvenating FamilyMoon® in the destination of your choice.

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to design your amazing wedding.