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How to add romance to your honeymoon in Paris

Are you planning a honeymoon in Paris? Do you want to know how to ensure that you are adding even more romance to your experience?

You can have an incredible time when add the  “City of Love” to your honeymoon favorites or travel bucket list. 

Why do they call Paris the “City of Love?”  For starters,  the amazing sights,  its native language and its popularity as a honeymoon destination.

The city screams romance – with the one of the most romantic of places, the Eiffel Tower.

No doubt there is a ton to see and do while you’re in Paris but have you thought about the unique and delectable treats? 

If not…

Read on!

Add some romance to your honeymoon in Paris

10 sweet treats to eat on your honeymoon in Paris

The Tartes Aux Fruits – The tartes aux fruits are prepared with fresh fruit inside a buttery pastry. The fruit sit atop a heavenly Chantilly cream.
You can enjoy these tartes in both miniature and pie sizes.

The Éclair – The éclair is a popular dessert in Paris. The long French choux pastry can be filled with either a rich custard or pastry cream, and topped with a sweet fondant. By definition, the term éclair means lightningin French. Go figure!

The Paris Brest – This pastry was created to celebrate the Paris to Brest bicycle ride in 1891. Naturally, its circular and contains praline flavored crème and choux pastry.

Macaron – Macarons are undeniably delectable. There are so many flavors to choose from. The base ingredients include an airy meringue and almonds. Be sure to not confuse with coconut macaroons, in which the English added the – oon to the word in the 16th century.

The Tarte Au Citron – Tart e Au Citron also known as the lemon tart are also very popular. Donning a pastry crust and delicious lemon filling.
The filling, however, is not made with fruit. The cream is a mixture containing lemon juice, lemon zest and of course, eggs and sugar.

The Mille Feuille – This fluffy treat comes in a vanilla or cus tard slice and is comprised of several layers of puff pastry. Between the puff pastry lies an additional two layers of pastry crème. Another name for the Mille Feuill is the Napoleon.

The Tarte Tatin – Named after the hotel that serves the dessert (Hotel Tatin), the tarte Tatin is a unique upside-down pastry. Its ingredients include caramelized fruit prepared with sugar and butter. It pairs famously with a bit of tart crème fraiche.

The Choux à La Crème – These cream puffs are created using puff pastry as well. They swell while cooking and are actually hollow. The oozing center can be either whipped cream or custard. Interestingly enough, once you add chocolate as your topping, it then becomes a profiterole. There are various different toppings you can add to this pastry, from ice cream to fruit and even spun caramel.

Croissant – This buttery flaky wonder is a signature French pastry. There are so many ways to top it; you can use fruit, chocolate, fondant or a compote of your choosing. You wil l not be disappointed.

The Petits Four – Translated, petit four means small oven, and are also known as mignardises. The fours are miniature bite-sized confections that can also be savory if you choose. The sweet route includes a sugary glaze atop a crispy biscuit. These pastries are perfect for tea parties.

So as you can tell, there are mouth-watering menu choices that make shopping and touring that much more fun.

Want to get the most of your incredible trip to Paris? Then, let me help you plan your uncommon, exclusive experience. Call me at 770.469.7370 to get started.

Honeymoon Planning Tips
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Learn how to get the most from honeymoon planning

How important is expert honeymoon planning to you?

My approach to honeymoon planning is serious, it’s what I am passionate about and I want it to be as flawless as possible. Which is why I am always slightly confused when I get an email like this:

“We need assistance  making plans for our honeymoon…”

I sent some information and invited the couple to schedule a call so we could talk more about their honeymoon planning and the next email goes like this:

“We would like to keep the price under $2500. We will be flying out of Atlanta and our date for the trip is  October 22-26. We are open to anything tropical even a cruise. We would like the $2500.00 to also include airfare.”

You may be thinking, what’s wrong with that response. Well, your honeymoon is a very special vacation for you – it’s the first time you have the opportunity to experience this special time together as husband and wife.  Here are 3 of our top reasons why we want to schedule some time with you to chat about your plans:

  1. Your honeymoon should be customized to match your personal taste and lifestyle and not based on some cookie-cutter package based on a good deal. The only way to uncover what is right for you is to begin the conversation about what you want from your honeymoon
  2. Location is one of the most important decisions you will make about the type of experience you will have. If you’re looking for an over-water bungalow, once-in-a-lifetime experience, then rule out destinations that do not cater to that experience. Conversely, if you’re looking for amazing beaches eliminate destinations with poor beaches
  3. Finding the perfect match for your honeymoon will also depend on your budget. Having a clear picture of what is important to you allows us to negotiate on your behalf so we can protect your vacation dollars

We are experts in honeymoon planning and we can’t stress enough that your honeymoon is not an ordinary trip and should be designed with “you” in mind. Because of our relationships and insider knowledge, we know the art and the science of curating the experience that  that can be uniquely yours.  We plan each component of your vacation so you don’t have to worry about the details but you can enjoy your engagement and when it time to travel, you just show up and have a fantastic honeymoon (all without lifting a finger.)

Devotiya and Eric says “Judith was the absolute best. She stayed in touch with me even after midnight. She also made sure we got the best rate possible. When Hurricane Irma hit St. Thomas, our honeymoon destination right before our wedding Judith made sure that she found us the next best place…Hawaii!!!!!! We have never ever used a travel agent before our honeymoon but with Judith I’m happy our first time was a great experience”.

Call me today at 770.469.7370 to start planning your bespoke honeymoon.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

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What you need to know about honeymoons

Back then, I didn’t know about honeymoons

Luxury Honeymoon PlanningYou may have read my story about my “underwhelming honeymoon…YIKES! I didn’t really have the 411 about honeymoons or what to expect and I boy did I learn in a hurry!

Yea, I hate to admit it but I was so caught up in the wedding planning that I paid little attention to my honeymoon and “paid the price” for it…literally!

What makes a honeymoon so important? Let’s take a look first at the history of the significant event.

What is the origin of the term honeymoon?

  • There are many honeymoon facts that are not evident to everyone but may be very helpful to you as we begin to understand the importance they play in the design of an extra-ordinary design
  • According to statistics, 99% of couples who get married take a honeymoon.  With that in mind, you need to be armed with all the information to have a fabulous experience.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

The term “honeymoon” comes from a custom in which newlyweds would, for a month, consume a daily cup of mead (honey-  wine).  In some cultures, it is said that the bride’s father would give the groom all the honey-wine he wanted for a full moon cycle.

Where do honeymooners go?

There are many fabulous places to visit for your honeymoon.  Here are some tips to finding the right honeymoon spot:

  • Your honeymoon is a joint reflection of you and your partner’s personalities and personal tastes
  •  Choose a destination and activities that the two of you like and enjoy as a couple
  •  Your honeymoon may be as simple as a local bed and Breakfast Inn to an all-inclusive adult only resort in the Caribbean

What is the average cost for a honeymoon?About Honeymoons

Here’s the fun part…

The average cost of a honeymoon varies from $3,400 -$5,100 for a trip of six to eight days.

If this is reaching a little too high for your budget right now, do not despair. There are TONS of options available to help reduce costs while maintaining quality and luxury. For example, you can lower your cost by using frequent flyer miles, traveling during non-peak times, shortening your vacation and taking a mini-moon, or having your wedding guests contribute to your honeymoon registry in lieu of traditional gifts (Yes, they can do that!).

What is a honeymoon registry?

A honeymoon registry is similar to a traditional wedding registry in which you sign up for the gifts you would like to receive for your wedding. Guests contribute monetary gifts towards your dream honeymoon activities and experiences listed on your registry page.  Guest can also contribute toward larger expenses such as airline tickets, hotel/resort accommodations, cruise ship cabins, etc.

What is an all-inclusive honeymoon?

Started in Jamaica but spread throughout the Caribbean and Mexico and into some other regions as well, the all-inclusive vacation is becoming ever more popular with honeymooners – and their families. They streamline the enjoyment process by including everything — your room, transfers, recreational facilities, meals and drinks — all in one price. Without the worries of wondering how much everything little thing will cost, you are free to live the high life and experience everything you want as often as you want it.

 Do you need a travel professional to plan your honeymoon?

Did you make your own wedding cake or make your own wedding dress?

Of course not!About Honeymoons

If you hired a professional for those important aspects of your wedding, why would you not hire a professional for the most important vacation of your life! Your Romance Travel Experts have contacts in the industry that is not available to you and they can locate special deals and packages. They are knowledgeable about travel restrictions and requirements such as the need for passports, visas, airline restrictions and so on. Most importantly, if something goes wrong like the airline lost your luggage, a phone call to your expert will be the only thing you need to do. That is a great bonus!

Don’t trade the peace of mind and the ability to transfer responsibility to an expert to an impersonal online booking agency.

Let me help you plan the big event. Call me at 770.469.7370 to get started.

Luxury Honeymoon

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Honeymoon places that will add more romance for you

Honeymoon places that will add spice to your special vacation

I would bet that it is your dream to have a flawlessly planned wedding. Equally important is the design of your honeymoon. With thousands of honeymoon places to choose from, it is often a bit of a stressful exercise for the non-professional honeymoon designer.  Where you choose to honeymoon is critical in the experience you will have.  One of the most exotic honeymoon places you may consider is the sensational spot in a quaint Caribbean island with breathtaking vistas and beautiful beaches. This island is the host of many of well-known Caribbean’s finest restaurants and cafes and is affectionately called St. Barts (short for Saint Barthelemy).  It has a unique charm, stunning scenery that can take away breath of any traveler.

St. Barts is considered as the Caribbean’s most beautiful island by many people. Hilly landscape, crystal clear waters, numerous lagoons, it has everything perfectly organized in a natural way. Out of many special items, food of this island is what set it apart from the rest of the others.  The Caribbean’s most elite, most expensive island lives up to its reputation where the rich and famous are known to frequent. But it still has charms that make it attractive to regular folk, from its uncrowded white-sand beaches to the gingerbread-trimmed cases (cottages) and designer shop. St. Jean is a diminutive strip of colorful boutiques and beach bars that has been compared to St. Tropez.

Of all the honeymoon places, why St. Barts?

This island is composed of 22 beaches, all open to the public which makes it an excellent honeymoon place for beach lovers. You can sunbathe on any of these amazing beaches. Relax for a couple of hours under the sun and experience the divinity of the place. Shopaholics can shop for designer digs in Gustavia. Out of all the visitors on this island, honeymoon couples hold the highest percentage. St Barts is a playground for your honeymoon and will allow you the opportunity to take things home as a remembrance of the place. Hilltop cafes on the island offer a spectacular view of the sunset, unrivaled to any place else.  As said earlier, the food of this island is a hot topic, the specialty of this place. Be prepared to enjoy excellent food quality and superb hospitality here in St Barts.

Honeymoon PlacesWhat to Do on Your Honeymoon in St. Barts

Your honeymoon in St. Barts can serve as the most exciting holiday destination for you.  The weather, food, beaches and reefs are many things to keep you on this island and pull you back whenever you decide to end your vacation and leave the place. This place will make you fall in love with it and each other all over again and declare it your perfect honeymoon spot.

Your honeymoon package in St. Barts can be as elaborate or simple as you desire.  This spot is simply perfect for swimming, sunbathing and other water sports when winter hits the rest of the northern hemisphere. World-class shopping, fabulous spas and incredible dining are among the very top items to do on your honeymoon on St. Bart’s. Chances are you’ll want to spend the majority of your time luxuriating under the azure blue sky.

  • Relax – If you want to just relax, you have found the perfect honeymoon spot. Many hotels and resorts offer spa services where you can get all the pampering you need.
  • Snorkel – If you are a snorkel enthusiast, then you will find hundreds of shallow areas off of many of the best beaches that enables you to experience beautiful marine life up close. Wherever you are, putting on some snorkeling gear and checking out the waters by yourself is always an option.
  • Beach – There are 14 main beaches on St. Bart’s that are beautiful spots to luxuriate in the warm sunshine. Many are quite popular, but you may want to find a more secluded and quiet place to enjoy time together.

Honeymoon PlacesBefore going to the place, we recommend you make a list of all things you want to do there. If you are going to an amazing place, then do not miss anything at any cost. May through June is the best time to visit St. Bart’s. The weather is nearly perfect. From December through April, the sun is especially scorching. December is considered peak season and requires bookings six months in advance. Clouds and showers sometimes interrupt the warm weather, especially during the fall.

White Sand Travel is a boutique travel agency in the metropolitan Atlanta are whose primary objective is to combine romance and luxury travel for optimum getaways, destination weddings, and honeymoons. Our friendly travel experts have over 25 years of experience and would be eager to speak with you about making your dreams come true!

Contact us today at 770.469.7370 to make sure you chose the most perfect honeymoon place for your special event. You deserve it.

Luxury Honeymoon





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Honeymoon planning tips that get you more excited

Use these honeymoon planning tips to get your dream experience

Honeymoon Planning TipsI get to help you create magical dreams for your honeymoon and have those honeymoon fantasies unfold before your eyes during your stay.  A day in my life is typically one where I have the pleasure to speak with you about your honeymoon dreams.  My intention as we speak is to find out what challenges you face so I can provide the solutions that you seek.  Let’s face it, there is an incredible volume of options at your disposable but sifting through that mountain of options is very daunting –  is pretty much a full-time job. Add all the other detailed planning and decisions that you must make for your wedding, you can easily become overwhelmed.

As an expert  in honeymoon planning, my job is not that of an order taker, to listen to your travel dates and quote you a price but to educate you on what will culminate in a fantastic  honeymoon experience for you. My goal is to design an experience that will design options that will fit your lifestyle, personal tastes and financial commitment. Ultimately, you want an experience that will be one that you will treasure for years to come.  Keep in mind a quote or an itinerary is far different than a honeymoon experience!

Some of the challenges that you may be faced with are ways to save time and money in planning your honeymoon and that is perfectly understandable and normal.  Keep in mind, that whether or not you have limited time and budget, there are ways to still have a fantastic experience. Here are some tips to consider helping you have an enhanced experience without breaking the bank.Honeymoon Planning Tips

Plan Your Honeymoon Early – If you read my writings you will read this repeatedly – plan early! Planning early gives you negotiating opportunities that you don’t have if you are planning last minute. It also gives you time to plan and increase funding in other ways other than the budget you have in mind.

Be creative – Start putting a small amount aside each week. $40.00 per week is equivalent to 2 movie tickets, 2 Cokes and a tub of popcorn which can put $2,080.00 in your honeymoon fund if you saved that every week for a year. If you eat out once per week, cut that in half and save the money towards your honeymoon fund.  If you have Frequent Flyer points, plan to use those for your flights. Creatively schedule your flights to fly out on a weekday instead of the weekend as your fares may be less.

Click here for more tips on how to spice up your honeymoon!

Scale Back: Another thought is scaling down on the expenses of the wedding which is for you, your friends and family and plan a smaller, more intimate and more affordable wedding so you can have the experience you want for your honeymoon travel that is just for the two of you. Keep in mind the wedding is for everyone, but the honeymoon is for you two only.

Create a Honeymoon Registry is a fantastic way to have family and friends contribute to your honeymoon experience. Trade the pots and pans for some fun in the sun. A honeymoon registry generally works just like a traditional bridal registry by allowing you to select elements of your honeymoon (airfare, hotel nights, meals, tours, sports, spa treatments, admissions, spending cash) that friends and family may buy for you in increments as wedding gifts.

Ask about our Payment Plans. You can make a deposit on your package and make payments over time. This is especially    helpful if you start to make payments 9-12 months ahead of the wedding date. This is interest free and allows you to be flexible    in your plan. Many resorts have great promotions and honeymoon amenities and upgrades that may be complimentary. We know how to find those so ask us. Understanding your options can equip you to make wise decisions so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime without compromising your dreams. 

Honeymoon Planning TipsBe realistic – expectations about your honeymoon dreams must be realistic. It may be advisable to shave off a night off your trip at a 4-star resort than to go for 5 nights to a lower resort category and then have a “discounted experience”.

Let your lifestyle determine where you spend your honeymoon. Think about what you like and not let all your decision about something this important be dictated by money. Though budget is important, going to a less expensive property that does not have the amenities you want is not a wise selection. And, keep in mind there are creative ways to make your dream come true.

At White Sand Travel, romance is the name of the game. We work hard to be sure that you don’t have to lift a finger to plan your romantic getaway, honeymoon or destination wedding. We have over 25 years of combined experience with a goal of leveraging our expertise and knowledge to curate the perfect experience for you.

We are experts so call us at 770.469.7370  to plan this incredible event in your life.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

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These honeymoon spots will get you more excited

Which of these incredible honeymoon spots is right for you?

Honeymoons, destination weddings and romance are in abundance. For years, I have studied travel magazines and at times drooled over the incredible beauty of some of the destinations. I have been blessed enough to visit some of these amazing places, but some are still on the bucket list. What about you?  There is a  plethora of incredible honeymoon spots – which of them are you dreaming of?

 Maui ~ I don’t think it is possible to describe Maui without thinking it is stuff that dreams are made of. This tropical treasure is one of the most sought-after honeymoon spots in the world – and rightly so. It’s emerald green lushness beckons you to come to visit and experience all the wonders of the exotic island. In Maui, you will fall in love, become energized and you will leave with a sense of having experienced perfection.  When you honeymoon ends, you will no doubt leave reluctantly and take with you a lifetime of precious memories.  The lush slopes are home to some of the rarest wildlife and exotic birds on the planet. The island’s rewarding balance of seclusion and sophistication as well as the crystal-clear waters will no doubt steal your heart.  Maui’s culture also delivers great delights, with museums, galleries, delectable dining and rich history.  With volcanoes, beaches and seclusion, you can island hop and explore the diverse environments of this tropical paradise.Honeymoon Spots

Tahiti ~ We have all seen the exotic over-water bungalows, the rich blue ocean and the see-through floors and pretty much imagined ourselves in this tropical oasis. Tahiti is dedicated to couples and honeymooners like you if you are looking for something that can be remembered for a lifetime. It has over 118 islands, a volcano, and other famous destinations within such as Moorea and Bora Bora. They say that staying in paradise comes with a price and it is true with this location. Spend endless days snorkeling and diving, or swimming side-by-side with turtles and manta rays. Feel the cooling breeze in your hair as you para-sail or jet-ski. Check out the local markets for original art, pearls and wooden carvings. Sample fine dining with influences from France and the South Pacific, and stay in accommodations ranging from exquisite beach-side resorts to intimate bungalows.  All my guests have come back with raving reviews! Now, it’s your turn.

Honeymoon SpotsAnguilla ~ Anguilla is another island in the Caribbean that you can expect to see white sand beaches, clear blue waters, abundant plant life, and a warm embrace of sunshine with winds blowing atop the waves. If there is something different that Anguilla offers than the other Caribbean islands don’t, it would be the world-class hotels that offer affordability and class. You can rejuvenate your body with a calming spa treatment or awaken your senses by discovering the hidden secrets of Anguilla including world-class bird watching, hiking along scenic heritage trail, visit the local art galleries and museums or simply have your concierge arrange sailing lessons with The Anguilla Sailing Association. Accommodations such as the Viceroy or the Cuisinart or Cap Julica will pamper and spoil you beyond your wildest imaginations. Anguilla is truly an island second to none.  Our guests that honeymooned in Anguilla were extremely happy with their choice. Make the choice to honeymoon or plan your destination wedding or romantic getaway to Anguilla. We will help you design an incredible escape.Honeymoon Spots

 Fiji ~ Fiji is a place with over 322 islands and is known to be as Earth’s modern Eden, where every inch of the islands will fill you with bliss, serenity, and romance.  Fiji is recognized as a world premier dive destination with year-round sunlight and warm waters. It offers superb golf courses, tennis, water-skiing, wind surfing, sailing, fishing, bird watching, horse riding, rugby, soccer and cricket, and so much more. A once volcanic area, it is home to rugged mountains, lush green rain-forest, waterfalls and remote trying the many water activities available, you can also explore and find steaming hot-springs that have been prepared by volcanic craters. Life’s a beach in this destination and going from island to island which will make you want to come back for more. Though you may be able to book your own experience to Fiji, let us do that for you. We have done quite a few before so we know the lay of the land.

St Barts ~ The rustic charms of Saint Barthelemy is a peaceful alternative to the high spirits of many other Caribbean destinations. Here you will experience a postcard-perfect paradise, where the glistening indigo waters quiet the noisy mind. Take in the island’s magnificence from horseback as you ride past quaint villages, colorful fishing skiffs, rolling pastures marked by low stone walls, and women wearing the distinctive white sunbonnets of the French provinces.

Although tranquility is the rule, there are plenty of activities to thrill the dedicated water enthusiast. Diving is an unforgettable experience in the brilliant coral-fringed seas. Windsurfing is fueled by the irresistible trade winds, and water-skiing gets your blood pumping in exhilaration. If you want peace and seclusion, Saint Bart’s is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. Don’t be fooled, St Bart’s is also a lover’s paradise.

White Sand Travel is a boutique travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide the ultimate honeymoon planning and destination wedding planning service for busy couples who want to experience the luxury of romance without having to plan the details on their own.  We live by our motto “Imagine + Go.”

We are experts so call us at 770.469.7370  to plan this incredible event in your life.

Luxury Honeymoon

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Want a vegan honeymoon? Things you need to know

Gluten-free or Vegan honeymoon is a new trend

If you’ve changed your lifestyle to something healthier you may be thinking that a gluten-free or vegan honeymoon is more of a necessity than a trend. I recently had a couple and the bride had serious allergies. What’s more they thought they couldn’t indulge in a all-inclusive honeymoon because of dietary limitations.

Vegan HoneymoonDo you feel anxious that because of your specialty dining needs that your honeymoon may be ruined? You may be thinking that some recipes may include “hidden” ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or not conform to your individual dietary needs. This fear often may leave you feeling as if the options you have for honeymoon travel are limited, but that is not the case!

All-Inclusive Resorts: All-inclusive stays are by far our favorite option to book gluten-free or vegan honeymoon vacations. There are numerous resorts which cater to a variety of dietary needs. This is especially convenient for vegan foodies who love variety.

The family friendly Beaches resorts in Turks & Caicos and in Negril, Jamaica have all the amenities of their sibling resorts but have the added benefit of accommodating dietary needs of all types. You can have a kosher, vegetarian or vegan honeymoon when you provide instruction in advance. They also have the capability to provide meals for those who are allergic to or seek to avoid gluten, peanuts, nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, shellfish, sesame, and sugar! The Sandals resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica offers all-butler service boutique stays and can accommodate all of the dietary needs listed above, as well. The adults-only Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas also caters to couples with food allergies we have listed above in addition to providing kosher, vegan, and vegetarian options. The important thing when booking with resorts who are not by nature vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free is to mention your dietary needs during the booking process to ensure that the resort is a good fit for you. In addition, it’s always a good idea to make suggestions as to what you can have in addition to things that you cannot. Many all-inclusive resorts are willing to make special arrangements for your needs. (Just think, you could be on your way to a gluten-free honeymoon in no time!)Vegan Honeymoon

If finding a resort which does not serve meat or dairy products at all is something you desire in order to feel comfortable, there are places like Maravilla Caribbean Veg Bed and Breakfast ( ) in Puerto Rico for either mountain or beach destination honeymoon accommodations with no surprise costs. Thanks to their commitment to the veg lifestyle, you aren’t likely to have any surprises in your entrees, either.

Other Accommodations: If you would like to avoid an all-inclusive resort for some reason you’ll need to do more leg work and research prior to your trip and you may have to make more trips around your destination city when it’s meal time. You will want to avoid this route in the interest of convenience after months of stressful wedding planning unless of course you had your honeymoon planned by a professional.

The Vegan Lodge in Grenada: ( ) defines itself as “a retreat from the ‘real world’” and a “vegan haven”. They do not offer TV, DVD, Radio, or electrical air-conditioning so keep that in mind before you decide to think about this resort as a possible honeymoon location. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room, and they will provide lunch and dinner for an additional cost, should you decide that you don’t want to leave your remote getaway. With these accommodations it would still be necessary to mention a gluten intolerance to confirm that they would be able to facilitate your needs during your stay.

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas: ( ) they strive to create high quality vegetarian and vegan meals. With the variety of meals available and the myriad of both fine and casual dining restaurants accessible to you, it is likely that you will have the ability to find restaurants whose menus cater to dietary needs.

As you can see, in just a few paragraphs we have been able to provide several suggestions for resorts, bed and breakfasts, and hotels which provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free accommodations, not to mention a variety of other food allergies. If you look over these options and find that you are struggling to decide based on what you had in mind, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would be happy to help you make the honeymoon destination choice that is right for you.

White Sand Travel is a full-service boutique agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings and romantic getaways that are “just because”! We plan each detail of your trip around your dreams and personal lifestyle. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We hope that your experience working with us will allow you to have firsthand knowledge of why our motto is “Imagine + Go.”

Call us at 770.469.7370 to help us arrange your Vegan Honeymoon.

Luxury Honeymoon

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Discover the secrets of planning a luxury honeymoon

Have a luxury honeymoon without compromising quality

How can you design a luxury honeymoon without spending a fortune or compromising quality?  You may have been led to believe that you will spend more on your honeymoon than you should. Or, you may think you can get value by grabbing the best deal or cheapest package.  This is so far from the truth…

Follow these simple steps to avoid the mistakes of settling for less than you deserve

Honeymoon Planning AtlantaNot working with a Travel Professional

  1. Although White Sand Travel is a romance travel design agency, that isn’t why we’re putting this item on the list. We’re putting this item out there because time and time again we interact with honeymoon couples who are “just” interested in booking the best deal and have not taken the time to dig deep down and find the “why” in their booking process. If you are planning to book your honeymoon without professional help it may be time to stop and consider the many benefits of speaking with a professional. Travel experts often have access to discounts and special offers that the average website visitor does not have and can offer you PRICELESS advice on the various components of your travel design. If you can, find a travel professional who offers a free, no obligation, 30-minute chat and assessment of your needs and your budget. (Many of these appointments can be done online or by telephone if your schedule is packed with wedding arrangements!)
  2. Not Choosing an All-Inclusive Resort
    Another mistake many couples make but you want to avoid is to not assume that all-inclusive resorts are a poor investment because the prices are slightly higher than those of other accommodations. In truth, choosing an all-inclusive resort, you ensure that you don’t have to worry about meal costs, adult beverage costs, gratuities, or a host of other “secret expenses” that pop up while you are away. This also means that you won’t have to worry about currency exchange rates or fees charged by your credit card company for international transactions.
  3. Choosing the Cheapest Package
    The cheapest option at any resort, hotel, or spa is often their “bargain basement” offering. When it comes to travel, especially romantic travel such as a honeymoon or destination wedding, you will get what you pay for. Your flights will likely have longer layovers, be more crowded (or possibly overbooked) and be at less convenient travel times. The cheapest rooms tend to be the ones with the least impressive views (think: “overlooking the parking lot” or even worse “directly looking at a brick wall” — Don’t be fooled. These rooms exist in most locations), with the longest treks to elevators and entertainment at the resort, nearest construction, and so on. These accommodations are also typically available during periods of terrible weather. A “Honeymoon Monsoon” may sound festive, but it’s certainly not something that you would like to experience. Add to that the risk of booking a room without travel protection to cover you in case of an emergency cancellation (poor weather at your desired location, poor weather at the airports of your choice, illness, etc.), or without protection from the resort/hotel being overbooked. (This is also a real concern. Guests who self-book can be shuttled to other “comparable” locations when the resort they have chosen is overbooked.)

Luxury Honeymoon PlanningIf you are a honeymoon couple in search of high quality travel arrangements, do yourself a favor and avoid these three common ways that the average honeymoon couple spends more to receive less. Consider things like your travel time and whether you are protected in the event that plans change last minute or if the hotel has been overbooked. Although it may initially seem like you are paying more, remember that you’re avoiding much heavier costs and penalties by making smart decisions when you’re still at home.

White Sand Travel is a full service boutique agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings and romantic getaways that are “just because”! We plan each detail of your trip around your dreams and personal lifestyle. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We hope that your experience working with us will allow you to have firsthand knowledge of why our motto is “Imagine + Go.”

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to design your luxury honeymoon.

Luxury Honeymoon

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Want a luxury honeymoon? 5 things you need to know

Insider Tips on How to Have a Luxury Honeymoon 

Honeymoon PlanningYou want a fabulous and luxury honeymoon. But you’re concerned that after spending money on the wedding, reception venue, caterer, florist etc. , you still have shell out ever more cash to have type of honeymoon you’ve dreamed of. You’re afraid that you may not have a honeymoon you can afford.

Fortunately, we have 5 tips to help you have a fabulous but affordable honeymoon.

  1. Remember that in travel, you get what you pay for –  While this tip might sound counter-intuitive for the couple attempting to plan a honeymoon on a budget, hear us out. This tip serves as a reminder that while it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest accommodations when planning your getaway that some things ARE worth paying a little bit extra for. The difference between a room with a view and a room with a view of the parking lot is often cheaper than you’d think. Although the knee-jerk reaction will always be to find the cheapest option and book, make sure you know what you’ll really be getting before you set your plans in stone.
  2. Book early and save! –  From flights, hotel rooms, and resort stays it always pays off to book early. The longer you wait, the fewer rooms will be available and that tends to elevate the price of room rates, vacation packages, and flight costs. This means that you shouldn’t wait until all of the details of your wedding are planned out to begin planning your honeymoon. Start thinking about where you might want to go before you’ve set the wedding date to better plan around things like hurricane season and you’ll be that much better off when it’s time to make honeymoon arrangements. (Plus, looking at resorts in advance will give you an idea of what is out there and make you that much more informed when it’s time to say, “We do” to your resort choice.)Affordable Honeymoon
  3. Be wary of airline discounts – It’s tempting to hop onto websites that promise cheap airfare and book the cheapest flight from home to your destination, but before you do make sure you’re considering all the relevant factors.
    • How long are the layovers? – Sometimes paying a little more to avoid spending the first day of your honeymoon in airports is worth it.
    • What do baggage fees look like? – Some airlines charge for carry-ons as well as checked bags, so look at their policies before you finalize your plans.
    • Does the flight get you to the location of the resort, or will you need to book a separate/smaller flight to get to the desired island/locale? – Sometimes big travel sites won’t have flights that go directly to small islands or more remote destinations, so be sure of exactly where you are landing in relation to your destination before booking.
    • What is the cancellation policy? – What happens in the event of bad weather or you need to cancel or reschedule due to illness or unexpected injury? If you need to re-schedule your honeymoon unexpectedly, you want to know that you won’t have lost the cost of airfare by choosing to book yourself.Luxury Honeymoon
  4. All-Inclusive Resorts may seem expensive, but they’re a frugal couples dream! – Prices look elevated when you’re checking out “per night” rates because they include meals, adult beverages, entertainment, and a host of other “secret expenses” that inevitably pop up while you’re away from home. From currency exchange expenses from your bank and ATM fees, to fees charged by your credit card company for international transactions, the number of surprise costs honeymooners return home to add up quickly. Booking an all-inclusive resort ensures that your honeymoon will fit into the confines of your budget and be surprise free.
  5. Don’t have time to plan yourself? – A travel agent who specializes in romance travel is worth the service fee in discounts and convenience. If comparing resorts and airlines is making your head spin after weeks and months of wedding planning, contact a travel agent. Their fees are often negligible in comparison to the amount of time and money you’re able to save by booking with someone who is experienced in booking international and domestic travel, especially if you can find an agency who specializes in romance travel. Romance travel agencies will keep the fact that this is your HONEYMOON in mind when they are seeking arrangements. Those who are seeking budget-friendly options aren’t always willing to pay for booking travel because they feel they can do it just as well themselves, but sometimes the reality is that the headaches you’ll save are worth the small fee a travel agent requires. Especially when an agent can take your budget into account and find the best travel plans for the money you’re able to spend. The value of having professional help cannot be overstated!

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to plan your fabulous and affordable honeymoon.

Honeymoon within your budget


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Insider tip: How to honeymoon in St Lucia

If a honeymoon in St Lucia is not on your list, it ought to be

As a travel agent who specializes in romance travel, I recommend a honeymoon in St Lucia.


Honeymoon in St LuciaI am always on the prowl for the extra-ordinary, for romance and for the things that will add the dramatic, so couples can experience the honeymoon of a lifetime. One thing that drew my attention to St Lucia is the fact that there are three Sandals Resort in that gorgeous island. Why? Well, Sandals Resorts always go for the best beaches so if they have this kind of interest in St. Lucia, it piqued my interest.  I was not surprised to find that a honeymoon in St Lucia kept coming up over and over as options for couples like you who are looking for that incredible experience.

After planning several honeymoons in St Lucia, I became convinced that St Lucia is the perfect destination for romance. It offers natural landscapes of gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, miles of unspoiled rain-forest and the majestic Piton Mountains. The natural waterfalls, stunning views, friendliness of the locals as well as the authentic culture is bound to etch amazing and long-lasting memories. St Lucia is undoubtedly dedicated to couples in love. A honeymoon in St Lucia s the kind of experience you dream about. St Lucia offers luxurious accommodations, water activities, and an array of gourmet restaurants.

St Lucia has won the awards such as “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” and “Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination “. With that kind of bragging rights, St Lucia is easily one of the most romantic and beautiful islands you’ll ever visit. The hotels and resorts are just as magical as the island itself, boasting elegant beachfront hotels, pampering spa resorts and boutique properties. Here are a few to whet your appetite on how you can spend your first days together as man and wife.

Honeymoon in St LuciaSandals Grande St Lucian – Ideally located on its very own peninsula and is often described as the “closest vacation to a picture-perfect postcard.” This magnificent resort showcases awe-inspiring panoramic views that will linger in your heart forever. Volcanic mountains draped in blankets of green rise majestically from an impossibly clear blue sea. A sheltered mile-long beach extends an open invitation for days of endless water play. This is paradise as it was meant to be, full of natural beauty, rich in history, and resplendent in pure romance. –

Sandals La Toc – The stately palms that grace the mile-long entrance into the legendary La Toc Estate and Golf Resort are the awe-inspiring prelude to your St Lucia vacation at the Caribbean’s Most Glamorous Resort. Sandals Regency La Toc is recognized as the most sparkling jewel in the islands. The “Emerald of the Caribbean” glitters invitingly along the half-mile crescent shaped beach, cradling exotic coral bluffs, lush hillsides, and rolling fairways. This magnificent 210-acre estate features Sunset Bluff Village, a resort within the resort, flaunting breathtaking vistas from bluff-top villas with private intimate pools. Indulge in Five-Star Diamond French cuisine and other tantalizing cuisine from around the world at nine spectacular restaurants.

Sandals Halycon – If ever there was a resort that embraces the quintessential Caribbean, Sandals Halcyon Beach is surely it. Here, in the midst of a tropical utopia, where majestic palms line a pristine beach and verdant mountains rise from a turquoise sea, you’ll discover a charming and intimate sanctuary that’s the essence of its name…tranquil, peaceful and calm. This is a true Garden of Eden, a place where your senses are elevated into overdrive by caressing sea breezes, inviting ocean waters, and fragrant tropical blooms. Experience pampering with an exemplary level of refined service, and surrender to a world of enchanting temptations that immerse you in the hypnotic realm of the islands.

Soufriere, St. Lucia; Jade Mountain at Anse Chastenet Resort, where each suite has a view of the Pitons

Jade Mountain – “Rising majestically above the 600-acre beachfront resort of Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain is a cornucopia of organic architecture celebrating St. Lucia’s stunning scenic beauty.”  The bold architectural design with individual bridges leading to the extraordinary infinity pool sanctuaries and columns reaching towards the sky makes Jade Mountain one of the Caribbean’s most mesmerizing resort experiences.

Expect grand sweeping spaces with your bedroom, living area and extravagantly sized private infinity edge pool gliding into one another to form an amazing platform floating in space with the fourth wall missing entirely. The result is a stage-like setting from which to embrace the full glory of St. Lucia’s Pitons World Heritage Site and the infinite Caribbean Sea, a view you are not likely to ever forget.

Cap Maison – On the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, known worldwide for its natural beauty, the Cap Maison Resort & Spa is a lovingly created boutique hotel in a truly breath-taking location in one of St Lucia’s most desirable areas. Set atop a private oceanfront bluff with magical sunset views over the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, Cap Maison combines luxury, elegance, charm, and uncompromising standards of five-star personal service.

Maximizing its incomparable position within four acres of tropical landscaped gardens, with its sandy secluded beach below, our luxury resort offers a private retreat in spacious suites, many with private roof terraces and pools. Cap Maison’s exceptional facilities make it a perfect destination for honeymooners, families or individuals.

The Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort is without question located in one of the most spectacular sites in the world, the majestic valley of the Pitons (Val des Pitons). The beauty of the Pitons, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is unparalleled. The atmosphere is unobtrusive and lends to a truly intimate and relaxed experience. The resort is spread across more than one hundred acres of tropical forest unsurpassed for its natural beauty, with the only white sand beach in the area.

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort is located on the south-western part of St. Lucia about 3 miles outside the town of Soufriere, between the world-famous Pitons. Soufriere is a historic town with the island’s main natural attractions; the drive-in volcano, botanical gardens and waterfalls nearby.

Call us today at 770.469.7370 to design your amazing honeymoon in St Lucia.

Honeymoon in St Lucia