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Learn more about the secrets of a romance travel expert

White Sand Travel makes your romance travel easy-peezy…

Affordable HoneymoonAfter the wedding, you need to keep the fire burning…if you know what I mean! And nothing says “I love you” more than romance travel.

One thing I hear all the time is how much time it takes to research a trip. And, I totally agree…I do it for a living!

As one of the Romance Travel Specialist at White Sand Travel, I sometimes feel like a bride. I know the frustrations, the stress, and the uncertainty that comes with that level of planning.


There is no “pause” button on life to give you time to just focus on this level of planning. In 6 years, I went through 6 iterations of a website, 7 website designers and I finally feel like I have a website that works. One of my mistakes – I tried to do a lot of the design myself. What a disaster! It cost me more in the long run.

Maybe you are thinking of doing your own honeymoon or destination wedding planning and you most definitely can. But before you get busy planning, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you have the time and expertise that is required for planning this extraordinary trip?
  • Do you have access to best of breed in resorts, travel protection and ground transportation?
  • Are you able to access special promotions and upgrades that you may qualify for?
  • Do you know the best times to book air and the difference between the types of airfares?
  • Do you need someone that will be accountable for the planning in case anything goes awry?

As much as you can plan this amazing experience yourself, we believe that you can have much better results with expert help.

Unlike me, you don’t have 6 tries to get your honeymoon right, you have one and so the decision you make on who will plan your honeymoon can be the difference between good and amazing. Are you ready to transfer the responsibility of this once-in-a-lifetime experience to a pro?

Do you want to know more about White Sand Travel?

When you contact us to start planning your romance experience, there are lots of things happening behind the scenes to make this fit together perfectly.

Sometimes we are on hold for hours; we work with travel suppliers to get the best packages and promotions; we spend a tremendous number of hours in research to find the perfect fit; we put together each component of your trip, so you don’t get up at 3am to get a flight; have long lay-overs or overnight flights; spend too much time flying or get to the resort too late to enjoy the amenities.

We make sure that when you get off the airplane, there is transportation ready to take you to the resort. We often make dinner reservations; spa reservations; tours; complimentary upgrades and so on – whatever is going to make your experience magical!

The White Sand Travel Process

The White Sand Travel process spans an intricate process so that we can design the ultimate experience for you.
Our first session is our 30-minute complimentary planning time with you where we get to know each other so that we can identify your needs and wants.Romance Travel

    •  We design your package which involves in-depth research so that we can zero in on the perfect options for your package
    •  You receive a presentation of options for you to review until you are completely satisfied
    • When you approve the design, we complete the package with flight information, travel protection, round-trip transfers, total cost, deposit amount, payment plan options and final date of payment
    • To make sure you have all you need for the ultimate experience, we suggest additional options such as tours, spa menus, romantic dinners under the stars, etc.
    • When the final payment is received, we will deliver your formal travel documents. You never have to lift a finger or print an itinerary
    • We are on alert for any unforeseen circumstances that could pop up and present a problem while you are en route. We help you with anything from missed connections, airline delays or cancellations
    • We want to learn more about your experience when you get back, so we follow up with you

This is what Marcus had to say: “Everything on our trip was wonderful! You made everything extremely easy all we did was   show up and everything was done for us from there out.   Thanks again!!

You can have the same experience Marcus had. Call me today at 770.469.7370 to start planning your escape.

Romance Travel

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Get excited with these amazing romantic holiday tips

My entire marriage consisted of an annual romantic holiday

romantic holidayPlanning your dream romantic holiday, whether it’s for a milestone anniversary or even glamorous destination wedding is a task worthy of your undivided attention and a considerable amount of knowledge about what kind of experience you are looking for. It is more than looking at images and finding a good deal.  So many things can go wrong and without an experienced romance travel expert, you may miss out on some really valuable information that could affect your outcome. The worry alone could just as well ruin the whole event. Let’s not forget that you have other more pressing matters to attend to, so investing countless hours of your precious and limited time may not serve you very well.

There’s also the possibility that you are not experienced in outlining such an extraordinary event, though it’s understandable, because romance travel is a highly specialized field. One could argue that with the Internet, you could plan your event on your own quite easily. However, there are thousands of websites to choose from. The Internet may be a wealth of information, but there is such a thing as too much information.

It’s also reasonable that you expect some level of trepidation as you start the planning process. After all, you are spending a lot of time and money in celebrating your love story. There is a lot to think about.Romantic Holiday

As you know you can find just about everything on the internet. When was the last time you ordered something online and when you got it, it was nothing like the images you saw in the advertisement presented to you? Did you return that merchandise or cancel the service? What if you spent months dreaming of your ideal wedding, honeymoon in paradise or romantic getaway and then went online and did all the planning yourself and you show up and discover that the photographs are outdated, and the resort is not what you thought? Who will handle the shattered pieces of your dream? Your tears should be tears of joy, not tears of despair. And trying to make calls and figure things out is not your job, it belongs in the hands of an expert. Your job is to remain beautiful and calm and enjoy your day! You can’t return this “online purchase” and even if you could, then what about your dream day?

I like this quote: “I do want an expensive honeymoon. Not because I’m extravagant, but because a honeymoon is a solemn, important thing … a symbol. And it ought to be done — well, adequately”-  Arnold Bennett, The Honeymoon.

Luxury honeymoonI do believe that we all want to save money and many times we can do some projects without the help of an expert. I have been there and done that – done a few things myself and as you may guess, it looked just that way…like I did them myself. In the long run, I thought I was saving money, but it ended up costing me more because the outcome was less than stellar. If you want to save time and money and plan a flawless wedding, honeymoon or romance getaway, where you can show up and have a blast, then the do-it-yourself recipe is not the answer. The peace of mind and the transfer of accountability alone is worth you not trusting such important events to online booking engines.  While you may find a discounted package, I am sure you are not looking for a “discounted” experience and a honeymoon or romance itinerary is very different than an experience! Keep these tips in mind as you plan your romantic holiday.

  • Plan early and know what you want your experience to be
  • Focus on value not on price
  • Incorporate your personal lifestyle and taste and let that drive your decision for your experience
  • Do not be shy about getting expert help

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to start planning your romantic holiday.

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Get an award-winning Mexico vacation

How do you experience an award winning Mexico vacation?

Just today I mentioned to a friend/client that I could design an incredible Mexico vacation for her. She was unimpressed by my recommendation.

Have you ever heard “you win some and you lose some?”  I have.

But when it comes on to my vacation, I want to win. And I do, when I get to have a Mexico vacation!

Vacation in MexicoWhen I was a  little girl I knew I was addicted to romance.  As an adult, I love my job…I live for the moment when I can design your vacation…not just any vacation but your award winning vacation to Mexico or to the Caribbean.

Let’s face it, I’m a romance vacation junkie!

When I was 9 years old, I read romance novel for entertainment! Book after book, dream after dream – I imagined my prince charming and life happy ever after!

It’s no wonder I choose to design romantic travel for a living. My heart is in it all the way.

Now, I get to take your love story and write your romantic ending, all without you lifting a finger!

I often hear people say they want an exotic or award winning vacation experience but immediately say not to the  Mexico or to the Caribbean. Are you kidding me?

They think it is too common…they want some exotic destination. However, I’m here to tell you that some of my most amazing travel experiences have been to the Caribbean and Mexico.  And, as a travel agent, I am one of the most critical traveler that you can imagine. I look for everything in and out-of-  place and think about you and the type of travel experience you will have. I scrutinize every detail and make mental and physical notes of what I like and do not like.

Why? Because I want to be sure that I have all the ammo to design your award winning vacation.

Arriving in Cancun was just the start of the most amazing trips in a long time.  VIP treatment all the way. I had a long but comfortable ride from the Cancun Airport to El Dorado Seaside Suites.Vacation in Mexico

I like:

  • To be greeted with a warm towel (with my name engraved on it) upon arrival
  • Being handed a glass of champagne and escorted for my private check in
  • Sip infused water by the fountain in a quaint restaurant and feast on delicious slices of fish on a bed of veggies and rice while I wait for my room to be ready

Then when I get to my room, a big grin spreads across my face as the delicious aroma filled my nostrils. My eyes darted instantly to a large bathroom with double sinks, private toilet, and huge shower with top of the line toiletries.  I moved in closer, admired my four-poster bed with the beautifully arranged birds carved out of bath towels that adorned the bed and the edge of the Jacuzzi tub.

As I stepped down into the sunken living area, I saw the welcome letter, an arranged fruit tray with chocolate covered strawberries, fruit and chilled champagne.  I thought about taking a quick shower, slipping into one of the beautiful robes that hung in the closet, opening the door to my private balcony and just sitting there in utter bliss.

But, I watched the couples as they laid and swayed gently back and forth in their hammocks. My gaze occasionally shifted to couples laying in the pools from their swim-up suites. All my cares vacated my mind and I soaked up the beauty of this magnificent property.

I took a very relaxing and blissful nap …in paradise!

An Award Winning Vacation at Karisma Resorts

Vacation in MexicoWhat do I like about the El Dorado Seaside Suites?

Well, how much time do we have?  Here are a few:

  • The things we don’t think about like the swing sets for two that are strategically placed all over the resort
  • The gorgeous beach with day beds so you can curl up with a book and listen to the ocean
  • Or, the many   benches at various spots where you can relax, play games, read or soak up   the sun
  • The spa with all the luxurious treatments and scents that you want to savor forever. Dining is a treat at any of the 7 restaurants on    property where you taste buds are seduced in every possible way.

The fact that I had my own personal concierge and had an outstanding service was an added bonus. I can honestly say it’s not any one thing. It was a myriad of touches that made my stay one that I will treasure for a very long time.

I could write paragraphs, or I could sum up my experience in simple language – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Call or text me at 770.469.7370 to hear more about my vacation to Karisma (El Dorado Seaside Suites.)

Vacation in Mexico

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How to get more excited with a Jamaica vacation

Jamaica HoneymoonYou can have a time of your life with a Jamaica vacation

If I was on a Jamaica vacation right now, my first words to you would be “everything Irie? This is the Jamaican way of asking if everything is ok! The truth is, this is an amazing beautiful island. However, you may be concerned about making Jamaica an option for your vacation.  That is a little disappointing considering this island is the home of such cultural wealth.  I constantly hear or get asked about three major points of concern for visitors. Is it safe? Is it poor and is there a lot of drugs? Despite the amazing options for vacations, visitors sometimes are concerned about making this destination a vacation choice.

Yes, there is crime, poverty and drugs in Jamaica just as they are where I live in Atlanta, Georgia. So, while it is a concern, it is not unique to the island of Jamaica and thousands upon thousands of happy tourists visit every year and are safe and have a splendid time. My comment is typically, use the same level or higher level of caution that you would exercise if you visit an unknown or unfamiliar location in the US – especially if you have concern about safety. I travel to Jamaica at least once per year and I have yet to be approached about drugs.

Why a Jamaica Vacation?

As a native of Jamaica, I do believe that Jamaica is one of the most special places on earth. Jamaica is rich culture, vibrant art, picturesque beaches, and world famous all- inclusive resorts. It is a land of lofty mountains, plateaus and plains all rich with flora and fauna. The climate varies from tropical on the coast to higher temperatures inland, creating a diverse mix of tropical and sub-tropical vegetation. With endless coastlines, the beaches range from reef-protected white sand in the north to black sand beaches in the south.Jamaica Honeymoon

Jamaica is so rich in culture that visitors will be truly amazed by the vibrant atmosphere. Reggae music is everywhere and Jamaicans dancing to the beat of the rhythmic music is very contagious. All- inclusive resorts are a very popular option with travelers looking for a hassle-free vacation.  With an all- inclusive resort, you can literally step off the plane and once you clear immigration, customs and collect your luggage, you will be immediately swept away to their own private Jamaica where you can live the vacation of their dreams without ever leaving the resort. You will be catered to in a manner fit for royalty.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the mouth-watering cuisine! If you have not tried the Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork, then that should be on the top of your menu items. Wash that down with some Red Stripe Beer and you are in business. Dance all those calories off with the sound of some island music and your vacation just got a little “island styling”.

Things to do and see in Jamaica

Imagine sipping on a refreshing rum drink in the lobby of your resort when you first arrive on the island or while relaxing on a sparkling white beach looking out over clear blue water. What could be better? Not much, the beaches of Jamaica are a destination in and of themselves. At the Blue Lagoon, you can choose to spend the entire day watching the colors of the lagoon change with the movement of the sun.Jamaica Honeymoon

  •  The Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio’s is one of the most famous attractions in Jamaica
  • Visit the World-Famous Doctor’s Cave Beach, Jamaica’s most beautiful beach located in the heart of Montego Bay
  • For snorkelers and divers, Jamaica’s waters are just as beautiful. The North Coast is an excellent place for scuba diving and offers many reefs and canyons
  • The “Coral See” is a new attraction which offers you a unique view of the Montego Bay Marine Park
  • You can swim with a family of bottlenose dolphins in their home at Dolphin Cove
  • Visit the Margaritaville Caribbean Sports Bar & Grill. This entertainment complex offers restaurants, waters-port events and entertainment
  • If you leave Jamaica and have not ventured on a romantic or adventurous horseback ride, then you have missed a treat
  •  For the golfers, Jamaica features 10 championship golf courses, some of which are regular stops for the PGA and LPGA tours
  • Dunn’s River Falls (Ocho Rios) enters the Caribbean Sea and is marked by 600 feet of mountain spring water cascading down the rocks toward the ocean. This is one of the most photographed attractions in Jamaica and can be climbed even by the non-athletic. Don’t leave Jamaica without visiting these falls

I could write several more paragraphs about why you can have a fabulous time in the island of love. Let’s us plan your next Jamaica vacation.

Who knows more than someone born and raised there and goes back annually? Contact us today at 770.469.7370.

Jamaica Honeymoon

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A honeymoon in Anguilla is guaranteed to excite you

Honeymoon in AnguillaHave you been thinking of a honeymoon in Anguilla?

The dream of  a honeymoon in Anguilla with it’s unsurpassed beauty and charm has stolen your heart.

It’s no wonder!

This island is a gem with a name that is derived from the word for ‘eel’ because of its eel-like shape. Situated in the northern Caribbean, Anguilla is cuddled by turquoise seas and breathtaking white beaches. Anguilla has the perfect blend of elegance and style which makes it one of the best choices for vacations. It fascinates the visitors and creates everlasting memories for them. At its widest point, including many smaller islands and cays it is approximately 16 miles long and 3 miles wide. Crocus Hill at 65 meters is its highest point. The Valley is the capital of Anguilla. Small islands and cays that come under Anguilla are Dog Island, Anguillita, Sandy Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Scilly Cay, Scrub Island, Sombrero and seal Island. Anguilla holds a stable place in people’s places to visit list.

What Anguilla has to offer?

Serenity, blinding white sand, clear blue sky, lustrous blue waters, excellent food, amazing local music, pampering aura, reasons of coming to Anguilla are many. The most spectacular things for which Anguilla is famous are its coral reefs and beaches. Dazzling coral reefs makes it an excellent place for snorkeling or scuba diving. If you are not that much into sports, then just hop on the glass bottomed boats and take the ride of the paradise. Most famous bays of this island are Shoal Bay, Barnes, Rendezvous, Road and Little Bay, Maundays, Meads, Captains and Limestone Bay. Each bay has its own allure that attracts the tourists towards them. Put Anguilla’s travel guide in your bag, take the next flight to paradise.Honeymoon in Anguilla

Northeastern trade winds keep this island cool and dry. Nature has perfectly set everything in its place on this island. You can see local fishermen and sailors at work at the Island Harbor. The 1785 Wallblake House is serving as the only plantation house on the island. One of the few historical sites includes The Old Factory and Pumphouse at Sandy Ground. The Heritage Collection Museum is also a must visit place if you want to dive deep into the island’s cultural and historical background. As mentioned earlier, Crocus Hill, the highest point of Anguilla is icing on the cake on this flat land island. The Crocus hill is beautiful itself and if you go on the top of the view of the island from up above is also extravagant.  On your way to Crocus Hill you will pass through The Old Valley, there you will find some of the nearby churches.

Anguilla has its own department of agriculture, situated in The Valley. From there, you can learn about the Anguilla’s plants, animals and migratory birds. It is put there to preserve Anguilla’s natural environment, cultural and historic resources and archaeology. Anguilla has many farms of corn, tomatoes, peas and other crops.

Things to Do in Anguilla

Anguilla summer festival, Festival Del Mar, Moonsplash, Tranquility Jazz Festival, Annual Lighting of Christmas Tree and Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta

All in all, Anguilla has it all to offer to the tourists. Your one visit to this astonishing place is enough to make you fall in love with it. Anguilla ignites the burning desires inside and enlivens the visitor. Talking about that, we suggest you visit Anguilla on your honeymoon. You and your love, holding each other’s hand, walking on the white sandy beach under a clear blue sky, fresh breeze and water ripples from the ocean, all these things set the mood for love.

Contact us today at 770.469.7370 to plan your trip to Anguilla or any other destination.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

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Luxury villas that make you feel like royalty

Not turned on by traditional hotel rooms and looking for luxury villas?

You can get much more creative in the way you plan weddings and luxury vacations. The traditional resorts and hotels have their place, but luxury villas are becoming a hot item. Luxury villas have an amazing appeal that allows you amazing and unique experiences that you sometimes don’t find any place else. Imagine for a minute – the warm ocean breeze dancing on your skin, the sounds and scents of an exotic and lush landscape, the comforting privilege of being served by a private butler as you enjoy a cool drink by a shimmering pool…

Luxury Villa in SpainHow about after an afternoon of sunbathing and soaking up the natural beauty around you, you return to your private luxury villa where a splendidly elegant four-course dinner awaits you prepared by your own personal chef. After consuming a meal fit for royalty, the table is cleared, and you are free to sit back and enjoy the night sounds while lounging away the evening in your private luxury villa.

Does this sound like a privilege reserved only for those who occupy the upper crust of society? Do you think that only the rich and famous have access to the finer side of luxury villas? Well, we have some great news to share with you. You too can enjoy the luxury of staying in a private luxury villa where you will experience amazing amenities and lush landscapes that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Advantages of a luxury villas

How can you afford this amazing vacation in a luxury villa and where do you begin? Let your imagination run wild while we do the legwork of customizing a vacation plan that fits your personal tastes and budget.

Luxury villas usually range from 1-20 bedrooms and offer additional living spaces: living rooms, dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor areas including verandas and pools. They are usually equipped with amenities and a dedicated staff to cater to your specific needs.  This means that you can experience this type of vacation with any size group which can turn out to be very economical when split several ways.

Consider these villa advantages and amenities

  • Personalized attention and service from an experienced staff
  • Ability to create a unique, customized experience based on your needs
  • Superb value – spend less, receive more; villas are often a much better value per person than multiple hotel or resort suites
  • More space, privacy, and quiet – no strangers in the next room, or even by the pool
  • Great for all occasions, from big group gatherings to intimate getaways

Luxury VillaGuests are at liberty to personalize their luxury villa rental experience and is only limited by their imaginations! Villas are selected with special care for location, transport, privacy, food, shopping, interior decoration, etc.  Friendly, well-traveled travel consultants are always happy to speak with you and assist in creating a travel experience sure to satisfy your every whim and desire. You will find many amenities in each luxury villa ranging from swimming pools, Jacuzzis, private chefs, housekeeping, and many other facilities sure to make your trip worthwhile. Do you prefer your privacy? No problem.   You can opt for a self-service villa where you can enjoy cooking meals with your own style or with a chef to instruct and guide you in preparing local cuisines.  Create your vacation experience with us.

White Sand Travel is a full service boutique agency dedicated to luxury romantic travel. We specialize in honeymoon planning, destination weddings and romantic getaways that are “just because”! We plan each detail of your trip around your dreams and personal lifestyle. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations! We hope that your experience working with us will allow you to have first-hand knowledge of why our motto is “Imagine + Go.”

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to start planning your incredible travel experience.


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Travel protection secrets that will make you more excited

Travel Protection is optional but highly recommended

Because it is so beneficial, White Sand Travel includes that option in our pricing and give you the opportunity to accept or decline the coverage. It is your right!

As a travel planner and romance travel expert, I have seen quite a few clients decline travel protection only to find themselves wishing they did as being without protection can cost or save you bundles. Since I get quite a few questions about travel insurance as we gear up for the busy season, we want to share some of the basics and offer an overview. the most seasoned travelers sometimes feel confused about travel insurance — what’s out there, what it covers, whether they need it.

While coverage and policies vary from state to state, of course, here are some basics of travel insurance to get you started:

There are five main types of travel insurance. What you might need depends largely on what kind of trip you’re taking, what kind of traveler you are, and how frequently you travel. The five main types are:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption (full or partial reimbursement for a trip you need to cancel prior to departure, a trip that gets cancelled because a tour company or resort goes out of business, or a trip that gets cut short for a wide variety of reasons)
  • Medical (for health issues that occur outside of your normal coverage area)
  • Evacuation (due to disaster, dangerous weather, political emergency, or medical emergency)
  • Baggage (reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage)
  • Flight insurance (also called “crash coverage,” this is basically a life insurance policy that covers you while you’re on the plane, in the event of a statistically-rare crash)

Travel expert Rick Steves explains the way they generally work is like this:

“The various types are generally sold in some combination — rather than buying only baggage, medical, or cancellation insurance, you’ll usually purchase a package that includes most or all of them. If you want just one type of coverage in particular — such as medical — ask for that (though it might come with a little cancellation or baggage insurance, too). ‘Comprehensive insurance’ covers all of the above, plus expenses incurred if your trip is delayed, if you miss your flight, or if your tour company changes your itinerary.”Travel Protection

  1. Just because you have health insurance at home does not mean that it will cover you on your trip. You need to check the ins and outs of your health insurance policy. It may cover you while you travel, but many do not. In fact, some insurance policies don’t even cover health emergencies experienced on foreign-flagged vessels — which is what most cruise ships are. Check with your provider, ask your travel agent for suggestions, and of course direct any insurance-related questions to the provider. As Steves puts it, “Before purchasing a policy, ask your insurer to explain exactly what’s covered before and after you get to the hospital.”
  2. Avoid purchasing travel insurance from the company that’s also hosting your trip. The reason for this? If that company goes out of business, chances are, so does their insurance.
  3. Some companies offer comprehensive coverage that can serve as your primary coverage while you’re traveling. What does this mean, and how can it benefit you? It means that the insurance company will pay first, regardless of what other insurance you have. They don’t even inquire about additional insurance, saving you tons of paperwork and out-of-pocket expenses. TravelGuard and Travelex are two such companies that provide these policies as an option.
  4. Weigh the cost of the trip with the cost of insurance. If you just bought a $79 ticket for a quick weekend in Chicago — is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. If, however, you’re headed out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you’ve been saving for months, travel insurance is likely a great idea.

If you’re looking to maximize your fun and minimize your risk, travel insurance might be just the right option for you. Take your time, ask tons of questions, and find what works best for you and your family.

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to design your travel experiences.

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Discover how to get more with a spa honeymoon

Add some sizzle and romance with a Spa Honeymoon

A spa honeymoon is one way to spend time to rest, relax, and recharge after months spent planning your wedding then there are lots of amazing spa resorts that are ready to pamper and spoil you rotten. There is a whole trend around spa honeymoons.

The important thing to remember when focusing on rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation is to leave thoughts of home and stress behind. You may find that the easiest way to do this is to choose a spa resort for your honeymoon experience. There are many benefits, but here are our five favorite suggestions on how to enjoy the spa resort for your honeymoon.

1.Couple’s Massages

Couple enjoying perfect day at spa together.

Nothing says rest and relaxation like a massage even when you’re at home. With that in mind we can honestly say that nothing commands more intimacy, rest, and rejuvenation than a couple’s massage. Being together while you slowly ease out of the stresses which have been weighing you down… There’s no better word to describe it than bliss.

Imagine a Sky Massage, where you can unwind, side-by-side in an open-air suite on the beach. Or maybe a sunrise massage, where you can start your day with a massage and mimosa, or ease into the evening with a bottle of champagne and a moonlight massage, maybe right there in the middle of the ocean.

2. Milk Baths

Relaxing in milk baths has been a beauty secret for eons, and now spas bring the same revitalizing secrets to their treatments. Both men and women can moisturize and soften their skin effortlessly while reclining in the tub and enjoying one another’s company. Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, notably Vitamin E and zinc, which are known for slowing the aging process and preserving skin elasticity.

3. Couple’s Hydrotherapy & Water Treatments

These intoxication treatments can vary from mineral bath dips and cold plunges, to jets and hot tubs. Whatever way these services manifest at your spa of choice, they are wonderful ways to experience relaxation together. Lay back, unwind, and revel in relaxing moments spent with your mate. One of the ways you can enjoy your hydrotherapy experience is to do the following: 

  • Begin hydrotherapy with a quick shower
  • Detox your body using the sauna and steam room
  • Continue with a refreshing shower
  • Relax in our deluxe Jacuzzi or hydro-reflexology pool (for feet)
  • Cool yourself with an aromatic facial towel
  • Immerse in the cool and warm pools
  • Finish with another quick shower
  • Pause after each cold and hot phase with a refreshing drink of tea or chlorophyll water
  • Revitalize with a Spa Treatment
    Click here to see spa services at one of our favorite spas.

4. Facials

Facials are just one of the steps to maintaining healthy, clear skin but can also be a relaxing way to pamper yourself.  Although facials aren’t always offered in a coed setting, both of you can enjoy the benefits of a soothing exfoliation and moisturizing treatment. When the focus of a trip is romance, there is always something to be said for making skin more kiss-ably smooth. 

5. Steam Rooms & Saunas

Although those who spend their honeymoon in a tropical destination may want for this less, there is always something to be said for a good steam room or sauna treatment. Sweat out the toxins and anxiety left over from the real world so that you can more fully enjoy what your spa honeymoon has to offer.

 We know that spas offer relaxation with its massages, aroma therapy, mud baths and herbal treatments. But spa treatments do more than just relax, they can actually improve our health and well-being. Life can be hectic, but achieving a sense of inner peace and balance, leads to a feeling of overall spiritual calm that allows us to face each day with a positive, relaxed outlook.

Let’s keep in mind that the spa services have many benefits:

  • Help us achieve a sense of inner peace and balance which leads to a feeling of overall spiritual calm that allows us to face each day with a positive, relaxed outlook
  • Reduce our stress by encouraging a relaxed and positive attitude
  • Detoxify our bodies from the chemicals and toxins
  • Stress reduction, detoxification, revitalization and spiritual balance, all work harmoniously together to improve arterial and vascular circulation, resulting in an overall improvement in physical health and mental well-being.

Resorts recognize the benefits of wellness and spas are not just an add-on but a way to give you a well-rounded experience of romance and healthy living.  Add even more spice with these tips.

Contact us at 770.469.7370 to design your spa honeymoon. You deserve it.

Honeymoon Planning Tips

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Travel expert shares secrets on resorts in Negril

My top three honeymoon resorts in Negril, Jamaica

There are lots of resorts that you can choose for your honeymoon.  But I have to tell you, there are several honeymoon resorts in Negril, Jamaica.

As a native of Jamaica, I’m all about “One Love”; Reggae music, Jerk Chicken and the fabulous resorts

OMG…beaches …7 whole miles of it! And, the amazing resorts to boot!

I remember dropping my key in the ocean and looked down and there it was…

Crystal clear, blue waters, powder sand beaches and viola…your piece of heaven at your finger tips!

Negril is known for being a remarkably laid-back town with miles of white-sand beaches, and is regarded as an off-the-beaten path oasis for travelers from all over the world. The calm, shallow bays are uninterrupted, so you can enjoy the pale waters and learn the true meaning of relaxation. While there are certainly clubs and other avenues of recreation available, Negril is for the honeymooning couple seeking a true romantic getaway.

Sandals Negril

Stroll out to the beach that runs 1,800 feet in front of the resort and bury your feet in the fine-grained sand that is nearly as white as sugar.  The resort boasts a main pool which includes a large swim-up bar and another pool, this one smaller and quieter, lies along the beach. Coral reefs offshore provide snorkeling and scuba diving adventures.

If you’re a foodie, take pleasure in know that you can enjoy six restaurants and five bars serving mouth-watering cuisine and premium beverages.

Day and night activities are included in the All-Inclusive Plan. In daylight, there are nature walks, reggae dance lessons, tennis clinics, fashion parades, and games and competitions. After dark, guests can enjoy dancing and karaoke plus music and entertainment presented on an open-air stage.

Couples Negril

This beachfront playground is designed for relaxation. Long, Caribbean days spent lounging in the sun or enjoying the health & wellness, water, or local activities can easily become relaxing evenings under the stars. Relax by the bonfire, mingle with other guests, and savor the rich cuisine that Jamaica has to offer.

Couples who wish to stay fit while on their vacation will be awed by the number of water and land based activities, as well as their fitness courses. From kickboxing and spinning to meditation and squash, you can do it all at Couples Negril. Water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and pedalos are just some of the ways couples can spend their time on the water when they aren’t in one of the two swimming pools or four Jacuzzis available.

In terms of non-physical recreation there are shopping and glass bottom boat tours, karaoke, sunset cruises and trips to popular city destinations like Margaritaville and the popular Sunset Bar. After spending the morning playing golf or enjoying a nature walk, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the fun adventures which await you.

Foodies will also appreciate the varied dining options at Couples Negril. There is a diverse selection of dining options. From Asian cuisine to traditional Caribbean fare, to the varied bars and nightlife available within the resort, there is something for everyone. (Plus, the opportunity to have private dinner reservations on the beach is a romantic investment that is well worth the slight additional cost.)

Caves Negril

Whether you enjoy the Private Cave Dining, Main Dining Gazebos, or Blackwell rum bar you are sure to always feel refreshed. Especially when your plans for the day include indulging in the sauna, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, or taking dips in the saltwater pool or ocean. The sea view Aveda Amenity Spa was recently voted into the “Top Five Jamaican Spas” by Ocean magazine, so their massages and treatments are likely to wow even frequent spa-goers.

Enjoying private hot tubs, taking snorkeling adventures through grottoes, bicycling through the beautiful Jamaican scenery, and yoga make this spa a full-service destination for couples who want a perfect honeymoon experience in Negril.

Have questions about how to ensure that you have an epic honeymoon? I’d love to sit down with you in person or over the phone and get to know you and what you will suit you best.

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Get the most of your romance with boutique resorts

Boutique Resorts that gives that extra “oomph”…

I am always looking for that resort that is different, that offers more than the ordinary experience.  I am looking for that boutique resorts that make me feel like a princess.

The kind of experience that you never forget…

You know…the one you have dreamed about and fantasized about every time you see an ad…

We all deserve to be spoiled, at least every once in a while…Boutique Resorts

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

This premium-class, premium-priced, adults-only hotel is an architectural wonder perched on a picturesque mountainside overlooking the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The huge “sanctuaries,” accessible via a very modernistic system of private bridges, exude style, luxury, privacy, and comfort in an open-concept living space. (Even the bathrooms are open-concept!) Each has an enormous and uniquely designed infinity plunge pool right in the sitting area; in fact, one entire wall is open to the dramatic Piton view. Guests have a private restaurant, bar, spa, fitness center, and sky-top terrace at their disposal, and can also use the beaches and facilities at the adjacent Anse Chastanet Resort.

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

An unpaved road on the southeast coast of Antigua leads to Hermitage Bay, a collection of 25 villas clustered around the brilliant blue Caribbean Sea that offers a place to relax, restore and reconnect to a deeper self. Suites are airy and soothing, constructed from purple-heart, green-heart and other woods from sustainable managed forests in Guyana. Daily meditation and yoga classes, along with the natural beauty of deserted beaches, bring a sense of balance nurtured by caring staff. Boutique Resorts

Practically everything is included, from transfers and sailing tuition to Champagne and a massage in the small spa, by way of up to four good à la carte meals a day made as far as possible from local produce (lobster with the giant citrus fruit they call shaddock; jerk shrimp with mango; cashew fruit with rocket).

On the limestone cliffs of Negril, The Caves capture all the essence of a seductive oceanfront sanctuary. Twelve exclusive cliff-side accommodations, a Private Cave Dining, The Blackwell Rum Bar, and a sea-view Aveda Amenity Spa offer a refreshingly organic interpretation of romance.

The Caves, Jamaica

The Caves evokes the exoticism of the unexplored while offering all the comforts of home living.

Negril has a reputation for being an off-the-beaten-path traveler’s utopia, and its recent rise in popularity has done little to compromise that standard. The area also features some of the best snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing and dolphin watching as well as hiking and horseback riding tours. Although The Caves is settled close to the local hub, its protective landscaping and secluded ten-acre property make it feel like a tropical castle set above a vibrant town center.

Le Toiny, St Barts

This is not a party hotel. This is not a family hotel (though children are welcome). It isn’t a beach hotel (though it’s perched picturesquely on 42 acres above one of the most popular breaks for local surfers). This is a romantic, blissful, remote (by island standards) hotel with outstanding privacy. It’s far from the bustle of Gustavia and distant from its closest neighbors. Each of its 15 sizeable villas (from 720 square feet) is freestanding and sited to have spectacular Caribbean views and the kind of privacy that makes each one’s swimming pool clothing-optional. And the staff has perfected the art of being present but invisible, available the moment you need them but absent whenever you don’t.

The Resort at Pedregal

Accessible via a private tunnel, this 24-acre resort is located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

The Resort at Pedregal is just minutes from bustling downtown Cabo, yet seemingly a world away thanks to its secluded location. This resort has 66 elegantly appointed suites that include balconies or patios with private infinity-edge plunge pools.

Guests can sunbathe at the private beach, lounge by the pool, or indulge in an outdoor treatment at the luxurious spa. Active guests can work out at the fully equipped fitness center or arrange snorkeling or scuba diving adventures. Three restaurants are on site including the resort’s signature seafood grill. Additional amenities include a concierge desk and 24-hour room service.

White Sand Travel is committed to serving you.  We know how to match you with the perfect resort for your honeymoon or destination wedding. We know that no two honeymoons or weddings are alike and that is why we customize your experience according to your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Let us make your romance dreams come true. Call us today at 770.469.7370 to get started.